Maud Gonne and Mrs. Brown – 2 Tales of Strong Irish Women (#111)

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 11 of the Letter from Ireland Show. In this episode, Carina looks at the story of two very different strong Irish women - but notices common traits that run deep in both of them.

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Maud Gonne and Mrs. Brown – 2 Tales of Strong Irish Women (#111)

We are delighted to bring you Episode 11 of The Letter from Ireland Show – a weekly podcast that goes out each Thursday from our cottage in County Cork. Tune in to this episode – and dive straight in to a bit of Irish caint, ceóil agus craic (conversation, music and craic!).

In this episode, Carina reads two of our letters from Ireland. First up we take a look at the story of one remarkable Irish woman – and the effect she had on a well-known Irish poet of the time: “Many Have Loved Your Moments of Glad Grace”. Then, she introduces us to another strong Irish woman – you may be familiar with her son from the TV, but she has a remarkable story of her own: “The Story of a Real Irish Mammy”.

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