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Mike and Carina Collins of A Letter From Ireland

Welcome to A Letter from Ireland.


Let me guess - you’ve been interested in tracing your Irish Heritage and Family History for some time now.


Maybe you've already travelled to Ireland? Perhaps you wonder if you will ever get here?


What you DO know is that your ancestors left Ireland for a better life - bringing with them their values and beliefs, many of which were passed to you and your own family.


Since 2013, we've shared our weekly "Letter from Ireland" and it has attracted over Two Million people of Irish descent around the world. They find that our Letters, Blog posts, Videos, books and Podcasts help them to understand what life was like for their Irish Ancestors.


For some, this information provides a rich backdrop to help with research on Ancestry Record sites. For others, the Letter connects them with their Irish roots in a very real and visceral way.


Here are just some reasons why some of our readers keep coming back to "A Letter from Ireland" for more:


“Trace your surname, discover where your ancestors may have lived and step into this fascinating and beautiful land that we love”. Sandy Laferriere.


“If you have Irish blood running through your veins, or even if you are just interested in Ireland, this site is essential.” Patty McCoy.


“You and Carina are melding a very important aspect of Irish history and heritage to our personal genealogical endeavors. Thanks for bringing it all to life for us!” Jack Healy.



Now, I think it’s time to introduce ourselves! We are Mike and Carina Collins - a husband and wife team based in County Cork, Ireland.


Our Irish Heritage adventure started when we noticed many people asking questions on Facebook about Irish surnames and the homelands of their Irish Ancestors.


We started to answer with our local knowledge - and those answers took the form of a weekly email called “A Letter from Ireland”.


In each Letter, we share stories of counties, surnames and heroic Irish individuals who made new lives for themselves across the world - often in the harshest of circumstances. Sound like any of your Irish ancestors?


Today, we travel around Ireland - gathering stories and sharing them with you through our weekly letters, blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Would you like to see the Letter and Podcast survive and thrive for the future - and receive some personal benefits along the way?

Recent Posts

An Irish Boat to New Brunswick.

A few weeks back, we chatted about the various “Irish Ancestry Trails” around the world – I asked readers to share their own “trail”. We received some great stories of whole families leaving Ireland during difficult times – and how their descendants spread to the many parts of the world we find them today. Richard…

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Irish hounds

Irish Hounds and Irish Surnames

Have you ever had difficulty figuring out the meaning of those Irish surnames in your family tree? Where on earth did those “Os” and “Macs” come from? How could “English” be an Irish surname? These are varieties of the many questions we receive on a weekly basis. Just this week, I was chatting with one…

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From County Down to the Wuthering Heights of Yorkshire

I hope all is well with you and the days are passing you by in good health. This is the part of the letter where I normally comment on the weather here in Ireland, but sure – while it’s true the weather is challenging, there is a welcome lengthening in the days. A welcome return…

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A letter from Ireland podcast

A Letter from Australia to Ireland

One of our readers – Jennifer Connolly – wrote to us from Melbourne in Australia early last year and we decided to write a number of replies to her questions in the form of a letter. I think it illustrates the shared themes that we notice from all of our readers from Australia – maybe you…

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Pride and Prejudice and Three Irish Surnames

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever considered the difference between the male and female of our species? I guess that the main differences, beyond the obvious, range across a wide variety of subtleties. Take myself and Carina, for example. We were both exposed to the prose of Jane Austen in school, through…

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