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In this section I share articles on Irish music, dancing, poetry, writing, story-telling and history. Many of the topics that we consider to be quite unique in our shared Irish heritage.


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Irish Culture & Customs Letters

A Story of Irish Quakers, the Famine and Pennsylvania

I looked up the letters from this time last year (to see if the sun actually shone anytime in the past), and I came across a letter titled: – Religion in Ireland, A Methodical Approach – it got me thinking about religion in Ireland. One of our readers, Noni Morrison, was on sharing the story…

Have You Ever Had a Drop of Irish Whiskey?

Join me for a short history of the Irish “water of life” – otherwise known as Irish whiskey! Hope you enjoy, sláinte!

Irish Sayings – Is there Room for the Irish language in your Life?

I must admit, I find English – the language of this letter – to be one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Down through the centuries it stretched in the most imaginative of directions – absorbing the beautiful lines of poets and scribes who were supported by a wealthy power and taking in…

Irish landscape

Do You See Yourself as Irish?

When I am travelling in Ireland and someone asks “Where are you from?” –  the answer expected is almost always the county you live in or grew up in. Nowadays, we have a strong affinity to our county. It’s only when I travel abroad, I start to think of myself as Irish – do you know…

How The Irish Saved Civilisation

Last week I was invited to a dinner at Dublin’s Trinity College on a beautiful summer’s evening. Have you been there? As dusk fell we went for a walk among the grounds before the formality of the speeches and dinner. A sign caught my eye: “This way for the Book of Kells”. There we were, just…

Irish Culture & Customs Podcasts

Irish Male Singer

The 8 Most Unique Male Irish Singing Voices (#834)

Discover eight standout Irish male singers in today’s episode. Did we miss any of your favourites? Tune in and be swept away by Ireland’s melodic charm!

From County Cork to the Bright Lights of Broadway and Chicago (#833)

This episode spotlights two Irish families from Bantry, West Cork: Francis O’Neill, who preserved Irish music in Chicago, and the Keohanes, ancestors of Broadway composer George M. Cohan.

An Irish Birthday Celebration (#830)

Join us as we toast to the birthday of the Letter from Ireland, celebrating a decade of connecting with 60,000+ global Irish descendants through our letters and podcasts – thank you for being part of our journey!

The Surprising Irish Origin of 2 Racing Legends (#829)

Listen to the origins of the iconic Steeplechase in Irish racing history and unravel the surprising Irish roots of the famed ‘British Racing Green’ in a thrilling 1903 motorcar race

Beer, Whiskey and The Irish Temperance Movement (#828)

Listen to the story of Viking-era water sources, the Franciscans’ art of brewing Irish beer, and the captivating tale of alcohol, social chaos, and the rise of the Irish temperance movement!