Irish Culture & Customs

In this section I share articles on Irish music, dancing, poetry, writing, story-telling and history. Many of the topics that we consider to be quite unique in our shared Irish heritage. I do hope you enjoy!

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Do You Have an Irish Saint in Your Family Tree?
Modern Slave Labour and The Magdalene Laundries
A Summer Festival – Bealtaine, the Start of an Irish Summer (#211)
Irish Revolution – Meet the Man behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution (#210)
The Irish Language and a Terrible Story of Injustice
The One-Armed Wonderboy of Oriel
An Irish Song in London Town
The Last Resident of an Irish Island
An Irish Bard – The Story of a Modern Irish Poet and Storyteller (#204)
Many Have Loved Your Moments of Glad Grace
Saint Valentine of Dublin – His Life and Final Resting Place (#203)
Come Down to the Irish Pub
An Irish Saint Valentine
The Irish Bard of the Hooley
Irish Sayings, Two Paddys and One Yank
Have You Had Your Riverdance Moment?
From Ireland to Scotland – A Tale for Burns Night (#201)
An Irish Placename Travels Abroad to the City of Baltimore.
A Different Sort of Irish Music
The Stone Circles and Druids of Ireland
The Great Houses of Ireland
Holland and the Irish Submarine
Animal Rights and Humanity Dick
The Irish Traffic Lights of Syracuse


Christmas in Ireland – Tales from an Irish Home (#119)
Religion in Ireland – Let’s Take a Different Perspective (#118)
2 Irish Gentlemen – Tales of Integrity and Principle (#116)
Fake News? – How The Irish Famine was Depicted Overseas (#115)
Saint Nicholas of Kilkenny
From County Down to the Wuthering Heights of Yorkshire
The Choctaw Nation and Ireland
An Irish Dracula.
Shackleton and St. Brendan – Irish Explorers who Took on The World (#112)
Have you heard of The Irish Banshee?
A Trip to The Moon – In the Footsteps of 2 Irish Scientists (#109)
The Music of Chief O’Neill
The Life, Plays and Wisdom of George Bernard Shaw
Green, White and the Orange Order
The Wine Geese of France
Ernest Shackleton and the Irish Antarctic Connection.
The Tailor and Ansty – An Irish Storyteller
Saint Brendan’s Voyage
A Special Saint Patrick’s Day Message to all of our readers
The Hedge School Teachers of Ireland


An Irish Mentor
The Easter Rising, 1916
4 Irish Women – Tales of Adversity and Triumph (#107)


2 Tales about Religion in Ireland (#105)
A Story of Irish Quakers, the Famine and Pennsylvania