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In this section I share articles on Irish music, dancing, poetry, writing, story-telling and history. Many of the topics that we consider to be quite unique in our shared Irish heritage.


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Irish Culture & Customs Letters

Letter From ireland

10th Anniversary of the Letter from Ireland

We’re having a birthday celebration here in Cork, and not just any birthday – it’s the 10th anniversary of this Letter from Ireland!

I’m sipping on my regular cup of Barry’s Tea, do join me with a cup of whatever you fancy yourself, as I share the story of how this little Letter from Ireland came to be.

Irish Temperance Movement

Alcohol, An Exploding Population and the Irish Temperance Movement

Did the Irish Temperance Movement impact your ancestors? Join us as we unveil the influential story of Fr. Mathew and his monumental efforts to combat Ireland’s alcohol crisis in the 1800s. Was your family among the many who took the pledge?

Irish Steeplechase

The Irish Origins of The Steeplechase

Curious about the Irish roots of the world-renowned steeplechase? Journey with us from North County Cork to Liverpool, as we unravel a tale woven with gentlemen’s wagers, iconic surnames, and a race that changed horse-racing forever. Dive in and discover the legacy behind the gallop.

The Irish Origins of “British Racing Green”

Journey with us as we uncover the surprising Irish roots of the iconic “British Racing Green.” From the bustling roads of early 20th-century France to the picturesque lanes of Counties Kildare and Carlow, discover how a shade of green, closely tied to the isles, became an emblematic hue for British automotive giants. Is it time to rechristen it “Irish Racing Green”?

The Irish Roots of a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Did you know that Mr. Yankee Doodle Dandy himself – George M. Cohan – has deep Irish roots? Read on to find out more about his Irish family origins and more.

Irish Culture & Customs Podcasts

It’s Time for an Irish Census (#713)

Here in Ireland we are getting ready to fill in the population census for 2022. We use this opportunity to chat about the census down through the years and it’s usefulness to genealogists and family historians. Carina also reads a letter all about an unusual question that the population were asked before the 1911 census…

An Irish Musical Education (#712)

This is a musical episode (with a running commentary) of the Letter from Ireland show. Over 10 tracks, Mike takes you through an Irish musical journey that shaped his growing awareness and appreciation of the Irish music that surrounded him. As he plays the tracks, he chats about Irish history, surname, culture and much more.…

Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! (#711)

In this special episode we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! The parades and celebrations are returning in Ireland after a 2 year absence. Along with some very appropriate music, we chat about the first and sur-names that have come into being in honour of the Saint. We then go on to ask you “what do you…

Would You Live on an Irish Island? (#710)

Today we visit the beautiful islands off the west coast of Ireland. For many centuries, these islands grew in population as the natives of Ireland were forced off good land on the mainland wandering even further westwards until they arrived at the sea. The islands offshore were the only option left. The islanders had an…

Sherlock film poster

James Bond Meets Sherlock Holmes – An Irish Story (#709)

Today we take to the streets of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. Edinburgh was the home to Seán Connery, the actor who played James Bond for many years. We also examine another native of Edinburgh – Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the immortal detective Sherlock Holmes. We chat about their Irish roots –…