Irish Genealogy & Family History Resources

Are you interested in discovering more on your Irish family history? In this section, I have included letters (and podcasts) that include stories, explanations and approaches to help you investigate your own Irish family history. You may even receive a little inspiration to break down one or two family history brick walls! You can browse through the features listed on this page and jump to one that interests you, or enter a surname, placename or other item in the search box to which letters mention them. Enjoy.

Irish Genealogy & Family History Letters

Did Many of Your Ancestors STAY in Ireland?

Carina here – a bit of a change from Mike. I came downstairs earlier and pulled Mike off the keyboard to sent him back to bed – still stressing about…

Emigration from Ireland

The Irish Ancestry Trail

Don’t you just love that word – “Diaspora”? Apparently, it comes from the Greek word for “scattering”. The reason I bring this up today is because Ireland appointed it’s first…

Irish Placenames – An Overview

Just this week, I received a request from Helen Wyse (always listen to someone with Wyse as a surname!). Helen said: I am very curious about the naming conventions used…

Using the Irish Tithe Applotment Books

Have you ever looked at census records as part of researching your Irish ancestors? If you have, then you realise just how valuable they can be when locating your ancestral families…

Stuck In Your Irish Ancestry Research? Here’s What to Do Next.

This week’s letter is one for all the Irish Family History enthusiasts out there. We tackle the question: “What do I do when I am stuck in my family history research?”…

Irish Genealogy & Family History Podcasts

What Drives Genealogists Crazy About – (#607)

In this episode, Mike Collins chats with Jayne McGarvey (our Green Room genealogist) about what drives a genealogist crazy about how some people use We talk through the strengths and weaknesses of, problems specific to Irish ancestry research and how people can improve the way they use Lots of nuggets from a practising Irish ancestry genealogist.

The Tithe Applotment Books – 7 Questions and 7 Answers – (#605)

Join Mike and our head genealogist in The Green Room, Jayne McGarvey, as we chat about the usefulness of the Irish “Tithe Applotment Books” when discovering more about the location and lives of your Irish ancestors during the early 1800s.

The Key To Understanding Your Irish Surnames – (#602)

Did you ever wonder how the Irish surnames in your family tree originated and evolved? This handy guide talks you through many Irish first names – and how they eventually led to Irish surnames – with plenty of examples along the way!

Irish Castle

Join Us On A Lockdown Tour of County Cork – (#601)

Would you like to join us on a tour of County Cork as we emerge from Covid restrictions here in Ireland? We take you on a circuit of a part of County Cork – stopping in 6 different places full of Castles, Stone Circles, Villages and Market Towns.

Join an Irish Genealogist on a Walk Through a Graveyard – (#505)

Have you ever walked around an Irish graveyard and wished you knew a little more about what you were looking at? Join our Irish Genealogist as we take you on a tour of a very special historical site in County Louth in Ireland.