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Are you interested in discovering more on your Irish family history? In this section, I have included letters (and podcasts) that include stories, explanations and approaches to help you investigate your own Irish family history. You may even receive a little inspiration to break down one or two family history brick walls!


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Irish Genealogy & Family History Letters

Do You See Yourself As Irish?

When I am travelling in Ireland and someone asks me – “Where are you from?” – the answer is usually expected to be the county where you live. It’s only when I travel abroad that I start to think of myself as an “Irish man” as opposed to a “Cork man”. Do you have a similar experience?

How An Irish Name Becomes an English Name

Many readers often ask about the origin of an Irish first name in their family tree. Sometimes, it’s an unlikely Irish name such as “Jeremiah” – or sometimes a rare name such as “Gobnait”. It’s no secret that many of our shared Irish roman catholic ancestors borrowed names from the saints and angels of the…

O'Mahony shop front

Using a Simple Irish Ancestry Timeline

When we lived in England during the 1990s, a phrase that I heard many times was “teaching granny to suck eggs”. Maybe you have heard it in your family? It was used in a context of not wanting to insult another person by stating what should be common sense already e.g. standing in front of…

Did Many of Your Ancestors STAY in Ireland?

Carina here – a bit of a change from Mike. I came downstairs earlier and pulled Mike off the keyboard to sent him back to bed – still stressing about “never missing a Letter from Ireland yet”. So I said, don’t worry, I’ll do it instead.At this stage I read the Letter from Ireland each…

Emigration from Ireland

The Irish Ancestry Trail

Don’t you just love that word – “Diaspora”? Apparently, it comes from the Greek word for “scattering”. The reason I bring this up today is because Ireland appointed it’s first “Minister for the Diaspora”. I first remember the word being used in the context of an “Irish Diaspora” when President Mary Robinson used to light a candle of…

Irish Genealogy & Family History Podcasts

Meet John Grenham – A Chat on the state of Irish Ancestry Records (#207)

We join John Grenham – author of the definitive guide to Irish Genealogy – “Tracing your Irish Ancestors” – and more.

Canadian Flag

Meet the Irish-Canadians – Following The Irish Ancestral Trail in Canada (#206)

In this episode we share just some of the interviews and commentaries we recorded as we made our way along the “Irish Ancestral Trail” from Newfoundland to Toronto in Ontario.

More Irish Stories from The Green Room (#205)

In this special episode, we select some stories from our annual Green Room Member Storybook.

Irish Citizenship

Obtaining Irish Citizenship – From Movie Stars to the Rest of us (#202)

In this episode we talk about Irish citizenship through a story about a movie star and director you may know.

Irish Baby Names – Do You Follow this Approved List? (#117)

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 17 of the Letter from Ireland Show. In this episode we look at “Approved” Irish baby names that are found in families – maybe you’ll hear one from your own family?