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Have you ever travelled to Ireland? Perhaps you plan to visit in the next year or two? Here I share articles that will help with planning - or reliving - your trip to Ireland. We bring to life the unique characteristics of the Irish people and countryside - often leaving the main tourist attractions to visit some interesting diversions that I think you will enjoy!


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Ireland Travel Letters

Signposts in Ireland

An Ideal Trip to Ireland

Many of the emails I receive each week are concerned with planning a trip to Ireland. Often, it is a first trip – and the person on the other end are worried that they are fitting enough in, going to the right places etc. You know yourself how enjoyable – and stressful – holiday planning…

A Trip to McCarthys Bar.

Have you ever taken a trip to Ireland? Last week, Patrick Mullen (one of our readers) was looking for help. You see, he was planning his first trip to Ireland and was concerned about “driving on the wrong side of the road” and “the driving habits of the native Irish”! He was wondering should he…

First Irish Meal in a Country Home.

I had been researching my family origins in County Limerick for some 25 years prior to 1993.  And after exhausting the records from the Heritage Centers of Limerick and Tipperary along with causing the probable burn-out of more than one parish priest, I decided that my Irish family research could not be completed without a…

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

During my four trips to Ireland I have never been disappointed at the generosity and helpfulness of the locals I have encountered on my travels.  This is particularly the case if you explain that you have “returned” to trace the footsteps of your ancestors. Here are some examples of what I have encountered…… During my…

Just Knock At The Door of Glin Castle.

We had argued, well heatedly discussed all year the possibility of being invited to a wedding in Germany.  I wasn’t winning and everything my husband Mike said was perfectly reasonable, it would be an expensive trip. Finally the invitation arrived on an evening when the house was packed with noisy cousins, an offspring and her…

Ireland Travel Podcasts

Join Us On a Trip Around The Aran Islands – (#604)

Join Mike and Carina as we take around Inishmore – the largest of the Aran Islands which lies at the mouth of Galway Bay to the west of Ireland. It’s a magical part of the world – and we travel around in the company of a very special tour guide.

Scottish river, the Clyde in Glasgow with Carina

The Irish Scots – A Trip to Glasgow in Scotland (#503)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast show, we travel to the city of Glasgow in Scotland to meet two proud Glasgow natives of Irish ancestry. Come with us as we get a unique perspective on this city that saw the arrival of so many Irish immigrants from the 1800s onwards.

Cavan museum with Carina laughing

The Life of Riley – A Trip Through County Cavan (#502)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast show, we take a trip around County Cavan – looking at the main families, sites and music along the way. Join us as we have the “Life of Riley” in County Cavan.

Beautiful Irish House by the sea

Tales of West Cork – Will You Come to an Irish Hooley? (#303)

In 2017 we held the first gathering of our Green Room members in Ireland – which we called “The Green Room Hooley”. It was a tremendous success and we are now planning our next gathering, based around the town of Bantry in County Cork. In this Podcast episode we share some special memories – and introduce you to the area around Bantry through stories and chat.

Carina and a character in the folk park

Meet The Ulster Scots – The Ulster American Folk Park (#302)

Have you visited the Ulster American Folk park near Omagh in County Tyrone? Why not come along with us now as we take you on a tour of this fascinating place. You may even hear about one of your own ancestors.