The Amazing Colours of Ireland.

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The Amazing Colours of Ireland.

My Dear Children, I am having a great time in Ireland and wish you were here to see its beauty with me. As soon as I got off the plane I had a calming feeling of being home. I am staying here in Limerick City but traveling as much of the country in my rental car as I can. It takes a bit of getting used to driving on the other side of the road.

The colors here are so vibrant and beautiful. I love how they are not afraid to have vibrant colors on their houses. Everything in America looks so uniform and drab after coming here. The grass looks greener, the sky bluer, and the flowers are so much more colorful.

The history to be seen and learned is amazing. I had a friend take me around Limerick in the car telling me about all of it. He showed me bullet holes that are still in some of the buildings from the war, and told me how the opposing sides would set up on opposite sides of Limerick River and shot back and forth at all hours. I have taken so many pictures to show you when I get home.

After my walk around Limerick I drove to many different spots. First was Blarney Castle, I didn’t make it up to the Blarney stone because I was so taken with the grounds (Rock Close) that I spent most of my time walking them. There is a beautiful little water fall, a witches kitchen, wishing steps (which I was too afraid to attempt the challenge), Druids cave, witch stone (which comes alive at night!), fairy glade, and so much more. I did make it in the castle itself but I just didn’t go all the way to the stone at the top. Maybe next time I will get up there.

We will have to bring a lot of supplies for Samantha to do her gravestone rubbings. There are so many awesome old cemeteries here. There is one headstone in particular I would love for you to do a rubbing of. It is at the Hill of Tara. I took a picture but the weather has made it pretty much unreadable, I believe it is from the 1700’s. Other places I have visited are Lough Gur, St Flannans Church, Ardee, Long woman’s grave, Carlingford Castle, and lots more on my drives. Two weeks just isn’t enough time for me to see it all like I’d like. When I come back (with you guys I hope) the stay will have to be longer. I’m thinking that we can do some self guided touring but also have some touring with a hired guide to make sure we don’t miss anything. Also we will try to do some research to see if we can find where William Moore came from so that we can see that part of our history while here.

I love driving around and seeing the signs in Gaelic. Most are in English and Gaelic but when you get to the smaller towns they are usually only in Gaelic. That is a language I am going to have to learn. I have also been in one “Irish traffic jam. A farmer was moving his cows from one pasture to the other across the street. I will admit it was one time I didn’t mind being stuck in traffic. The weather here is mild so it is enjoyable. It is similar to our Michigan lake affect weather but I think the wind gets a little stronger here being as it is surrounded by water on all sides. I will sign off for now to get this posted and can’t wait to show you all the pictures I took when I get home.

Love, Mom.

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