A Letter from Ireland:

Emails from Ireland: A Reader’s Letter from Ireland


Greetings all from Ireland!

Wish you all were here!! There’s sooo much to share, I don’t know where to begin. I’ll try to send a longer email another time soon. We’ve seen beautiful scenery, have a fun tour guide and a lot of nice people on the bus.

Tried my guiness and I like it!

Tomorrow we go to the Slieve League cliffs, the highest cliffs in Europe. Today we went to Beleek Pottery and saw how similar their trade is to the dental lab.

More later – love to all,



Greetings again,

The Slieve League cliffs are breathtaking, they remind us of Big Sur in California! We met some Doyles in a town called Kells. We were in Donegal last night and a local said there are McNultys up the street. One of the McShanes that was driving a shuttle said welcome brother to Rob when he was told it was a family name (Bob Dougan‘s mother was a McShane).

More later…

Love to all ~

Greetings all,

As we are approaching our last day in Ireland…with mixed feelings I reflect. We saw the Ring of Kerry yesterday and it was much like a peninsula of “Big Surs.” The mountains, and the water and the 40 shades of green are awe inspiring. More than anything the biggest impact might be the people.  Everything reminds me of that Frank McNulty character, (My Dad), the roots that so many of us have here and all the Irish names. They are friendly, funny and as we saw a taste of the Irish temper the other day, sometimes fierce, but always passionate. We heard Irish music like the Isle of Tears which reflects the impact of the Great Famine where they lost almost half of their population to death or emigration. But through it all the tremendous Irish “pride” has survived as we saw during the final song in the pub in Killarney the other night, everyone rose to their feet and sang Ireland’s national anthem.

We head to Blarney today then back to Dublin for our stay in a Castle. Looking forward to seeing you all soon and sharing memories and pictures! Love, love, love to all ~