A Letter from Ireland:

Fancy a Pint of Murphy at Hayes’s Bar?


Hayes Bar

When you travel around Ireland today, you will still see a persons name above most shop and pub windows. The use of the surname is deeply ingrained in the Irish Psyche. It told strangers where they stood – who they could trust and where they had to be careful. We were originally a very tribal society without central government (or dictatorship) – and knowing your family and standing up for them at all costs was important.

This belonging make it very difficult for the Gaelic Irish to tear themselves from family and town to emigrate – and it really took the atrocities of the Great Famine to force whole families to seek out a better way in another land.

And guess what? As soon as a family member settled down, they sent for many other members – whole families and tribes moving to new countries.

Perhaps you notice this in your own family – where name is worn with pride – and your always stand up for others in the family.

And today – I think think we are evolving as a tribal society – but we still a tribal society (but in a good way). Name, family, town and parish still count for a lot.?

  • Kelly says:

    I heard the Hayes family was royalty up until the last king. And that my great great great grandfather was the first governor after the king name ended. Is this true? And what can you tell me about my family. Was there really a king Hayes but with a different spelling?

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