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Carina and a character in the folk park

Meet The Ulster Scots – The Ulster American Folk Park (#302)

Have you visited the Ulster American Folk park near Omagh in County Tyrone? Why not come along with us now as we take you on a tour of this fascinating place. You may even hear about one of your own ancestors.

Irish potato famine statues with fresh flowers decorating them

If The Walls Could Talk – A Visit to the National Famine Museum (#301)

Have you visited the National Irish Famine Museum in Strokestown Park, County Roscommon? Why not come along with us now as we take you on a tour of this fascinating place. You may even hear about one of your own ancestors.

A letter from Ireland podcast

Voices from Australia – A Trip Along the Irish Ancestral Trail (#212)

Would you like to hear some Irish Voices from Australia? Last March we headed to Australia on the Irish Ancestry Trail – and this podcast features just some of the people we met along the way.

A Summer Festival – Bealtaine, the Start of an Irish Summer (#211)

Have you ever heard of the Celtic festival of Bealtaine – marking the start of an Irish summer? In this podcast, Carina shares some of her special travels and memories at this wonderful time of year.

Irish Revolution – Meet the Man behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution (#210)

Meet the publisher of “The Atlas of Irish Revolution” – Mike Collins. We chat about the Atlas and his own Irish family history.

DNA Testing – Our Experiences with Irish Ancestry DNA (#209)

What have your experiences with DNA testing for Irish Family History been like? Successful? Frustrating? Or somewhere in between? In this episode of the Letter from Ireland show, we share our own recent experiences.

One Listener’s Story – A Letter from Australia to Ireland (#208)

So many people left Ireland for Australia in the early to late 1800s. Some were sent for “seven long years transportation” while others went of their own accord to seek a better life. Here we have just one story connecting so many threads between Australia and a County in Ireland.

Meet John Grenham – A Chat on the state of Irish Ancestry Records (#207)

We join John Grenham – author of the definitive guide to Irish Genealogy – “Tracing your Irish Ancestors” – and more.

Canadian Flag

Meet the Irish-Canadians – Following The Irish Ancestral Trail in Canada (#206)

In this episode we share just some of the interviews and commentaries we recorded as we made our way along the “Irish Ancestral Trail” from Newfoundland to Toronto in Ontario.

More Irish Stories from The Green Room (#205)

In this special episode, we select some stories from our annual Green Room Member Storybook.