Irish Proverbs and Irish Accents (#726)

We chat about Irish sayings and proverbs in their original Irish, how to pronounce them and what they mean in English. Also, three very beautiful Irish songs in their original Irish. Hope you enjoy!

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Irish Proverbs and Irish Accents (#726)

In today’s episode we chat about all things Irish – the Irish language that is! The first letter looks at Irish sayings and proverbs in their original Irish, how to pronounce them and what they mean in English. We then go on to examine how local Irish accents changed how one Irish surname was anglicised in different parts of the island. We also feature three very beautiful Irish songs in their original Irish. Hope you enjoy!

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The Letter from Ireland Show is a weekly podcast that goes out each Thursday from our cottage in County Cork. Tune in to this episode – and dive straight in to a bit of Irish caint, ceóil agus craic (conversation, music and craic!).


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The following letters were mentioned in this show:

This episode features the following Music:

  • “Thíos Chois na Trá Domh” – performed by Clannad.
  • “Casadh an tSúgáin” – performed by The Gloaming.
  • “Samhradh Samhradh” – performed by The Gloaming.

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Slán for now, Mike and Carina.


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  • Sarah says:

    Beautiful, evocative music

  • Mr.Derlin Gerard Clair says:

    My surname Clair was originally Cleary.

  • thomas forks says:

    My Mothers Maiden name was Miles. What can you tell me about the Miles family. We named our son, Joseph Miles.

  • Shirley Parker says:

    Oh my goodness! That podcast was so amazing and I love learning how my surname may have changed across Ireland and it was so special hearing the songs by Clannad and The Gloaming. I had heard a snippet of a The Gloaming song on an Instagram reel by my favorite Irish Tenor. But hearing full songs by them was so, so beautiful, as I love and consider the Irish language the most beautiful in the world. I do hope you include more podcasts by you and Carina, Mike. I enjoy them so much! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I do wish so much to learn the Irish language, even if just a bit at a time.

    Fond regards, appreciation and love,
    Sealbhaigh (Shirley)Parker

  • Ann Fleming says:

    Thank you both for sharing your excellent knowledge and making everything so easy to understand. My family are also O’Neil’s and O’Donnell’s from N. Ireland, Counties Fermanagh, Enniskillen, and Donegal. They are very hard to trace especially without local knowledge, paperwork and name changes. The rest of my ancestor’s are mostly in County Mayo and County Cork – a bit easier to find. The whole broadcast was very helpful and I really liked hearing the native language and music. Very enjoyable!

    • Carina Collins says:

      Hi Ann,
      Delighted you enjoyed the podcast on Irish proverbs.
      I see you are also a member of our Green Room so be sure to use our expert genealogists in your research.

  • Dave Stoller says:

    I love all things about the Letter from Ireland and the Collins. A very high quality presentation every time.

  • Cindy Murphy says:

    I am intrigued by the Irish proverbs. As I listened, I tried to remember some of the advise my grandfather would give that seemed similar to the Irish proverbs. I very much enjoy when I get the opportunity to listen to Irish and Scottish music. I’m glad that I get to learn something new every week about the country we are from.

  • Sharon Jowell says:

    Absolutely wonderful and enjoyable to listen to podcast 726. My late n N, any linksana,s maiden name was Catherine O Dea. Any links? Cheers.

  • Sharon Howell says:

    My apologies my surname is spelt wrong. It is Howell

  • Thank you for the great podcast, I enjoyed listening to the music and to the proverbs. I find it helps listening to spoken Irish as I am learning it myself. I enjoy reading and and listening to the podcasts every Sunday for the past year.

  • Linda H. McCabe says:

    Loved thinking of the spelling changes of Irish surnames coming from the different pronunciations – the music was absolutely haunting!

  • LeeAnne O’Brian says:

    I really enjoyed your comments, music, and hearing the spoken Irish language. I have been to Ireland many times and visited so much there is to see in this beautiful place. I believe my 8th great grandmother was from the North of Ireland with her husband coming from Scotland. If Ancestry is to be accurate, her name was Margaret Kerr married to David Hutchison. With my name of O’Brian, I am treated very royally when I’m in Ireland. All in great fun, of course.
    I’m already planning my next trip, thankfully this terrible virus is getting behind us now.
    Love your podcasts.
    Slan for now