A Letter from Ireland:

Kitty O’Sheas


“C’mon to Kitty O’Sheas” – which over this Kinsale pub is spelt in Irish (Ó Sé). O’Shea is a name of Kerry origin (although one branch of the family headed off to Kilkenny a few hundred years ago).

Like most Gaelic surnames – it comes from what was originally a firstname. In Ireland over a thousand years ago, first names were descriptive – they described a quality, a trait or how you looked or came across. In this case the word is “séaghdha” which translates as “hawk-like” or “stately”.

So then, I suppose one of the translations of Kitty O’Shea is “Kittyhawk”


    was in kinsale for the weekend my first visit. Was looking forward to going to kitty o sheas on Sat night for the traditional music as it was advertised outside. So Iwas really disappointed when i got there. Where was the trad? Just a one man band.You would want to take down that sign. Maybe its there other nights during the week but you would want to let people know and not be misleading them.

    • Mike says:

      Sorry for your trouble Breeda – but you must realise that these pictures do not constitute advertisements. They could be 1 week, 1 year, 10 years old. The best way to find folk music is not to follow the signs – but to ask the locals for real folk music. Some places in Ireland would be better than others. Kinsale does not have a reputation for folk music. Mike.

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