A Letter from Ireland:

“Low lie the Fields of Athenry”


Athenry Castle, Galway

I can confirm that they do lie low around the medieval walled town of Athenry. Here is a picture of the original Bermingham castle in Athenry.

The town was built and enclosed by the Normans in the 1200s – but they found themselves virtual prisoners inside the walls, with a number of hostile Gaelic Chieftains looking to sack their town.

If you look at the town seal today, you will see the heads (literally) of two of these chieftains that were killed at the second Battle of Athenry in 1316. They were the kings Fedlim Ó Conchobair (O’Connor) and Tadhg Ó Cellaigh (Kelly) – the King of Uí Maine. They were defeated by Anglo-Irish forces led by Richard de Bermingham and William Liath de Burgh (Burke).

  • My father told me he has visited Ireland after much research into our ancestors. I am doing my own research.

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