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Hi, we're Mike and Carina. We travel Ireland and the Irish ancestral trails of the world, connect with people of Irish descent and share the resulting stories, photos, videos and podcasts with you.

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Green, White and the Orange Order

Have you ever seen the tri-colour flag of the Irish Republic? It has three sections – green, white and orange. It was designed in the mid-1800s, and is meant to signify peace (white) between the republican (green) and unionist (orange) traditions on this island. Just three weeks ago, Carina and myself headed to County Armagh…

Art O'Leary burial

The Penal Laws – and A Tale of Love and Loss

Well, we’re just getting over Saint Patrick’s Day in this part of the world. There were parades all over the place last Thursday – as it is a holiday across the country, most people are off for the day. The weather was a bit nippy – but dry and cheerful – a nice relaxing day…

Irish Homelands – County Down

Welcome to this “Irish Homelands” feature as we head to County Down. 

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The Wine Geese of France

A very important occasion has just occurred here in Ireland  – the first of the early potatoes have just been harvested. They have a taste like no other – and, as you probably realise, it is a vegetable that has special significance in Irish history. I wrote in an earlier letter about the link between…

Irish yew

The Yew Tree of Ireland

Do you have a favourite tree? Maybe the majestic oak, or graceful willow? In Ireland, the most ancient and revered is the mighty Yew tree, used to guard entrances to homes and cemeteries.  In this letter we talk about how a tree came to name both the sons and townlands of Ireland.