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Hi, we're Mike and Carina. We travel Ireland and the Irish ancestral trails of the world, connect with people of Irish descent and share the resulting stories, photos, videos and podcasts with you.

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Ernest Shackleton and the Irish Antarctic Connection.

Carina and myself were settling down in front of the TV last night – and up came the story of one Ernest Shackleton, in this case played by Kenneth Branagh. About 30 minutes into the movie, we are introduced to the Irishman who accompanied Shackleton on his South Pole voyage in 1914 – one Tom…

The Tailor and Ansty – An Irish Storyteller

We were at a funeral/wake yesterday, and is the convention at such occasions in Ireland – a “drop” of Irish Whiskey was poured for the mourners and well-wishers as they entered the house. Have you ever had a “drop” of Irish Whiskey yourself? I just saw a interesting item on the newswire this morning –…

Elvis Presley and the Shillelagh

This week, we’re going to start off with a “bonus” letter. Here is a letter I wrote around about this time last year. It was all about “The Fighting Irish” – and how “faction fights” evolved into the Irish sport of Hurling today. Click here to read more about the Fighting Irish and the birth…

Irish Homelands – County Offaly/King’s County

Welcome to this Irish Homelands feature as we are heading to County Offaly (formerly known as "King's County" up to 1922).

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St. Brendan

Saint Brendan’s Voyage

I was inside O’Flynn’s butcher shop yesterday, and something happened to trigger a memory long forgotten – three memories in fact. It seems they’re a bit like busses – they often come in groups of three! The first of those memories brought me all the way back to my early school days in the seaside…