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Since 2013 the Letter from Ireland and Podcast have connected people of shared Irish ancestry all over the world to their unique Celtic heritage in a meaningful way. Would you like to see the Letter and Podcast survive and thrive for the future - and receive some personal benefits along the way?


Then we invite you to join A Letter from Ireland Plus

When we started the Letter in 2013, we invited our readers to tell us what they were looking for regarding their Irish Ancestry. We now use our readers six main requests as the focus for ALL that we do on The Letter from Ireland...

...we call them our "Bill of Irish Ancestry Rights" and here they are:


1. To Know which of the surnames in my family tree are Irish.

2. To Know what each of my Irish surnames mean and their location in Ireland.

3. To Know the specific details of the Irish ancestors in my family tree and their place of origin in Ireland.

4. To Know what life was like for my Irish ancestors.

5. To See the places of my Irish ancestors and to walk their lands and homesteads.

6. To Connect with my living Irish relatives.

Which of the above Rights is most important to you?


Our aim at the Letter from Ireland is to use this Bill of Irish Ancestry Rights to help people of Irish descent connect more deeply with their Irish heritage. How? We will bring Ireland to you through our weekly Irish letters, podcasts, photos, videos, interviews and research from our headquarters in a small Irish cottage in County Cork. With lots of craic along the way!


When you join A Letter from Ireland Plus - your support brings us closer to making these rights a reality for more people of Irish descent.


We would love if you'd become a Member of A Letter from Ireland Plus. As well as supporting a great cause, you will receive some wonderful benefits in return. See more below...

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Benefits You Receive on Joining The Letter From Ireland Plus:

Interactive Irish County Map - Easy Access To Letters, Podcasts and all member-only features

Follow us Behind the scenes as we travel around Ireland - Hidden Gems, Itineraries and Location shots

Ask Mike & Carina questions inside each feature

Irish Homeland Features - We bring each Irish County to Life!

Support the weekly Letter from Ireland and podcast - keep it free for those who cannot afford it

Patron Level below has all the same great benefits as monthly/annual level - but offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to support the Letter from Ireland even more generously

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About Mike, Carina and The Letter from Ireland:

Mike and Carina Collins started the weekly Letter from Ireland email and podcast in 2013. They run the letter and all related activities from their cottage in County Cork in Ireland. When you become a member of A Letter from Ireland Plus, you know that you are helping the letter and podcast reach a wide audience across people of Irish descent.  Along the way have lots of fun checking in behind the scenes as Mike and Carina travel around Ireland gathering stories, meeting people and sharing them all with YOU.

What Our Readers Love About Their Letter from Ireland:


"...your weekly Letter from Ireland is my Sunday morning friend, usually over coffee, that almost always plants a seed to ponder, a reason to smile or a call to action; sometimes all three! You are truly a shining example of what I know the Irish to be: caring, humorous and always helpful."



"It is like having a conversation with a friend. I think that's the key right there...it is a friendship...a connection across the miles, a tangible hand reaching across saying I know you can't get here right now but we are here and we will help answer your questions if we can."



"I relish your posts and those you reach and inspire. It’s a wide network of kindred souls and that in itself is encouraging and educational. I look at each post as a potential clue, as we all should. Keep doing what you’re doing. Again, many thanks for greatly appreciated insights, interviews, history and perspective"



"The weekly Letter from Ireland is informative, touching and provides a glimpse of our shared ancestors. Keep up the good work"


Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are some of the more usual questions asked about Letter from Ireland Plus membership. If you have any questions other than those listed below, just click here to ask us a question.