A Letter from Ireland:

Viking Surnames and more



Do you have any Viking Surnames in your Family tree?

I wonder if they are still asleep in the hut above – now might be a good time to strike!

The Vikings appeared in Ireland about the 800s – and established strongholds in most of the current-day cities – Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Wexford.

Gradually, the native Gaels learned to to fight back effectively and over time through intermarriage the Vikings were subsumed into the Irish culture and DNA melting pot.

Names such as Cotter, Dromgoole, Torney, Doyle, Crangle, Jennings, Lappin, Higgins, McLaughlin, McManus, Halpin, Swan, Grimes, Sweetman, Storey, Hendrick, Rourke, Cosgrave, Seery, Hever, Kitt, Broderick, Kirby, Hewson, Dolphin and Coppinger would all be modern-day Irish surnames of Viking descent.

This picture was taken at the Heritage park just outside Wexford Town.

  • pat says:

    my maiden name is Doyle. Is O’Loughlin viking? That would be my mothers mother maiden name.

    • Mike says:

      O’Loughlin is apparently of Viking origin – but very much hibernicized down through the centuries. Very much associated with County Clare.

  • Linda Koile says:

    Great, great, great Grandpa Duffy was from Ireland. What sect do you think he came from. How fascinating!!! Thank you very much. Linda

  • Peter Coppinger says:


  • Paula says:

    I always wondered about my Grimes Surname!

  • Marge Vallazza says:

    I’ve Cotter and Cronin Cork ancestry. I’ve Duffy ancestry from Donegal to Scotland. I’m soon to have a son-in-law whose Roche ancestry comes from Co. Cork. 🙂

  • Danny Dotters says:

    My family name is Dotter meaning daughter of but only came to Ireland in the 1800s through a German ancestor

  • Michael says:

    I’m a descendent of the Seery’s of Cork. The Katie Seery came to NYC in 1888………..we are still here in NYC!!

  • Valerie Fullerton says:

    Both my grand mothers were Higgins and other was Doyle

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