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Recent Letters & Podcasts

The Irish Goddess and the Irish Saint (#805)

We look at the connections between the Irish name “Brigid/Bridget”, Saint Bridget of Kildare and the Irish Celtic Goddess Brigid. This is all very appropriate as we come up to the celtic festival of “Imbolc” – celebrating the start of a celtic spring as well as Saint Brigid’s day. We hope you enjoy! You can…

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From an Irish Goddess to Saint Brigid

I often hear from readers who are frustrated with the number of Johns, Marys, Williams, Catherines etc. in their Irish family tree as it makes it nearly impossible to sort out who is who with any degree of certainty! Today, we’ll focus on one of these “recurring” Irish names, a name with ancient gaelic origins…

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10 Stops on a Musical Tour Around Ireland (#804)

This week we have a special episode that takes you around ten counties on the island of Ireland. We stop off at each point and share a song – as well as more on the place and the person featured in the song. Please note that this episode was broadcast in a different format inside…

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Another Mystery Solved: The Search for my Irish Grandfather (#803)

In this episode we trace the origins of Carina’s Irish grandfather – Bartholomew Cronin. He died well before she was born and she only recently realised how little she knew of his early days, the wider family and his final resting place”. So, join us as we look to solve this mystery – with plenty…

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A Mystery Solved: The Search for my Irish Grandmother (#802)

In this episode we trace the origins – and more – of Carina’s mystery Irish grandmother. I say “mystery” because Carina only ever knew her as “Granny Cronin”. So, join us as we look to solve this mystery – with plenty of journeys, unexpected turns, twists and interesting characters along the way. We hope you…

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