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Surnames of County Cork – 1


The surnames of County Cork.The picture is of “Ahanfunsion” bridge (the Ford of the Ash trees) in West Cork. – the legendary site of a pre-historic battle. The Ash trees are said to descend from the original Ashes planted by the victor of that battle. This bridge was also blown up in the War of Independence (the Irish one!) but rebuilt by local farmers shortly afterwards

  • I’m wondering about my paternal grandmother who’s name was Anna Kydney. Family tradition says she came from a small village in Co. Cork.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter – Kydney/Kidney is found in County Cork to this day. It is another anglicization of Ó Dubháin – which also anglicizes as Duane or Dwane (belive it or not!).

  • Pat says:

    Hello! I am new to your site and am enjoying it. I don’t find my grandparents’s surname here-Supple and I think there are many people in Ireland with this name. Will you add it to the list of names? Thanks, Pat

  • Carol Dunn-Enersen says:

    Hi, I know my 2nd great-grandfather was from Cork, however I don’t see the name Dunn. I would appreciate any guidance with my last name. Thanks!
    Also, 2 other last names are McHale and Nolan, if you have time to reply.
    I enjoy your weekly updates and all the info. I was able to visit in Dec 2012, spent some time in Dublin and went on a Paddywagon tour. Next trip I want to spend time in Cork.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Carol – Dunn was originally from around County Laois – but was dispersed from the 1400s. McHale is from Mayo. Nolan can be from Kerry OR Carlow OR Roscommon/Mayo – all different families. Thanks for the kind feedback – Mike.

  • patricia callahan says:

    I don’t see OCallaghan which I thought was from County Cork.

  • John Dunn says:

    So I was told from my grandfather that he was from Blarney in cork county and his last name is Dunn. Is there anymore “Dunn’s” in cork county? and I see a lot of “Dunn” names with a “e” why is my name different?

  • Lucy says:

    My grandmothers name was Lennon. Another site says the kennings come from Portugal that the lennons are not irish also Dunn is another family name and they were all catholics.

  • Leslie says:

    I would like to know more about where Carolan surname originates? And my grandmothers maiden name was Gaul any info on that surname?

  • Karen Wood says:

    I am curious to know if the name O’Shea originated in County Cork, Ireland. I believe that my great -great -grandfather, Jeremiah (Darby) O’Shea, came from County Cork around 1832, but not really sure, with, his wife Catherine O’Sullivan. According to what information I do have, Jeremiah was born around 1803. I believe they came to Canada around 1832. Thank You

    • Connie Daniel Fay says:

      Darby O’Shea was also my great-great-grandfather. His daughter, Catherine (Red Bank, New Brunswick) was my Mother’s mother. I’m not sure who she marred, other than it was a Murphy. The O’Shea’s are related to me on both sides. My Grandfather was Neil O’Brien from NewCastle, New Brunswick. He married Catherine’s daughter, Stella Murphy. Neil died in 1919 of the flu. My mom, Mary O’Brien was 3 at the time. I wish I knew more.

  • Marjorie Cutting says:

    My maiden name was Gleeson. I was told that this spelling as opposed to Gleason meant our family was protestant. Is this true? Is there any information about changing the spelling to inform people of your religious affiliations. I love getting this news letter.

  • Bob Rogers says:

    Id like your spin on the names Kelledy, Grimes and Rogers. The Kelledy surname seems only related to county Louth. Grimes appears to maybe be of Viking origin also from County Louth.

    My Rogers surname may be anglicized from Mac Ruaidhri or something else or were they scottish/norman transplants? Rogers starts showing up after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 so it could also be of Norman origin i suppose.

    I would love to know more about the Kelledy and Grimes surnames. Thank you for what you do.

  • Mary (Betty) Botelho says:

    My maternal grandmother, Elizabeth M. Whalen, was born in Kilkenny, Ireland
    Her father Edward Whalen, Mother Margaret O’Neill

    My paternal grandfather, Anthony Flannery, grandmother Mary Agnes Clarke
    were born in PA, USA
    My grandfather’s family originated in Limerick, Ireland
    Do not know about the Clarkes’

  • Alexis says:

    I am new too and I am really enjoying this site. I was going to ask about the Dunne name, but I see you have given info. I have not been able to find anything other than the info on the census for McCaughey from Derry, or Tannahill also from Derry. I think the Tannahills were originally Scots?
    Thanks for your great information and news letter!

  • Mary Pat Elliott says:

    I found my grandfathers surname, Hegerty, but not my Nana’s, Corcoran. I thought I had traced her birth in Co. Cork and I know that is where she had told us she was from, as were her parents.

  • Tom Gallagher says:

    Hello Mike,

    Any information on the Gallagher’s and the Boyle’s from the Glenties area of Donegal would be greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Tom

  • Betty Flynn says:

    Looking for ancestors from Ireland. My Father William, GFather Joseph Flynn, My GGGrandfather William Flynn 1847-1880, GGGGZechariah Flynn 1822-1878, GGGGGMichael Flynn, John Flynn,GGGGGG Michael Flynn1738-1807,GGGGGG(Valentine Flynn 1718-1789 Born in Ireland I think.) Valentine Flinn 1680-, Thomas Flinn, John Flinn, GeorgeFlinn1565 perhaps. This is all gathered from the net. Some if not all have not been verified. Except for my Father.

  • Mark W. Murphy says:

    I would be interested in hearing about what I believe is still the most common surname in Ireland, “Murphy”.

    I was an undergraduate history major at Boston College and was fortunate enough to take some Irish History classes with some tremendous professors. I still enjoy reading about Irish History and at some point I will make an effort to trace my family’s roots, both the “Dee” side and the “Murphy” side.

    I thoroughly enjoy your letters–thank you for doing this.

    Mark W. Murphy

  • Irene Pelt says:

    My great great grandfather was Owen Kelly from Galway went to England around 1840 with Kelly being such a common name where do I start to find him

  • Thomasina Mc Glone says:

    Mc Glone name is never found on any lists. I did find some in Derry, Tyrone and Antrim. I also found some in Scotland. Is the name Irish or Scottish? Also, I have a family crest which shows a hand holding a sword with 3 boars heads but can’t find that one anywhere on line. Is this a correct crest?

  • Anne Morgan says:

    I enjoy this site along with my letters on a Sunday nigh.
    My family’s healy all come from ballyvogenr cork ,they all spoke irish as did my grandmother.I live in Belfast n.Ireland and I’m going to visted cork next summer with my 85 year old mother.

  • Darlene Hebert says:

    I’ve several Irish connections and I’m up against a mile high brick wall.
    I’m not finding records for any of them, before they crossed to Canada and the U.S.

    Can you help me verify where they were in Ireland?
    1-John Melville and Mary Connell (4th gr-grandparents), possibly County Cork, grandparents to John B. Melville, by 1850 were in Wisconsin. All of their children born Ireland.

    2-Mary Newman (my gg-grandmother, married John B Melville, in Rochester NY, 1851, to Wisconsin by 1855 census. First 2 children born Rochester, NY.

    3-Michael Kennedy(3rd g-grandfather), possible brother Patrick, Michael, died Dalhousie, NB Canada, Patrick, lived Prince Edward Island, died Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

    4-Mary Berry, married in Canada, to Michael Kennedy, she and children to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

    5-Henry Hughes, married Margaret “Peggy” Martin, possibly County Tyrone, both died in Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada.

    6-Marguerite Hughes(possible dau) married Thomas Hamilton, also to Bonaventure, Quebec, Canada, first two children, Sarah and Henry born possibly in Ireland.

    • Diann LaRosa says:

      I’m also interested in a Mary Connell from Cork. She married a John Canavan. She was my 2nd great grandmother.

    • Dawn McKone says:

      I’m trying to connect your John and Mary Melville with Robert and Henry Trenwith, who came from County Cork and obtained land patents in Germantown, Wisconsin, in 1843. Descendants of John and Mary are DNA matches with descendants of Henry, but I can’t determine the connection.

  • Callie Hearne says:

    Hi Mike, I have tried leaving a comment several times but do not know if you are receiving.. I hope you get this one. I have been tracing back my family tree and have hit a brick wall like many.. The furthest I got was my great grandfather John Hearne from a small place near county Kilkenny area … I was wondering where did the Hearnes originate from, I understand there are many variations of the name and it is popular in county Clare ,but where previous did they come from..
    My grandfather Thomas Hearne born in kiln aspic Piltown , his father was Walter Hearne , his father was John Hearne..
    I know Walter married Anastasia Alyward and had I think 8 children… Could you please help me find my great grandfathers john Hearnes family before him his parents… Would be so very grateful..
    Sincerely Callie.

  • Laura McGinley says:

    Do you have information on McGinleys or Burns in Co. Donegal? Why grandfather was Bryan McGinley from Malin Beg.

  • Sharon Lynch Simison says:

    I am trying to research my Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Lynch who had married Ann Dougherty and came to America a little before 1880. Any ideas?

  • Jean Hickey says:

    i am looking for anyone with the name Dolinge which is my husbands gt.gt.grand mothers madien name she maried Patrick Hickey about 1859 and came to live in Liverpool England can you help please

  • iammaryp says:

    Looking for anything with my family surname of Shushurah. Can’t find ANYTHING, anywhere. Would like to find someone in Ireland who can find info. Help. My family took wife’s surname of McCarthy on arrival at Ellis Island. I think they are from County Cork.

  • Robert Morris says:

    I am seeking information about my 6th great grandparents James Carroll & Jane Blake both were born about 1735 settled in Cork, Ireland.
    Their son my 5th great grandfather William Carroll born in Cork, Ireland 1755.
    It is said James may of been the son of Anthony or Daniel but cannot confirm either.

  • Mary Mick Seidel says:

    My Irish names from County Cork are Mick and Cronsberry. The names appear to be Palatine Irish, which really isn’t Irish. My Great Great Grandmother is Mary Leeson, who’s Mother may be a Hickey. Mary moved to America during the Potato Famine.

  • mike says:

    Any help on Jeremiah Holly b.1863 cork Ireland, married Nellie ellen banburg, banbury ect b. 1869. Jeremiah’s father john Holly married ellen Mcollig, Cork Ireland. Catholics. Much thanks

    • carina says:

      Check out our Green Room Mike as that is just the type of problem we tackle with our expert genealogists and community.

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