A Letter from Ireland:

Surnames of County Meath


For everyone out there from the Royal County – County Meath! Here we have a photo of Trim Castle – recently listed by National Geographic as one of the top ten visits in the WORLD that will change your childs life!

  • Lisa Osborne says:

    I have pictures of my Irish ancestors getting married in front of an Irish castle in Meath, County. It says that my ancestors the Osborne’s are the owners of the castle but I can’t find our last name in the surnames?

    • Lisa, It is over five years since you posted this comment. Their are Osbornes in the records for Meath. Trim, Drogheda and Mitchelstown are three locations.
      Dardistown Castle
      The castle then passed via Samuel Henry Osborne to Henry St. George Osborne, who died 1899 and after him to his son Henry Ralph Osborne, who died in the 1970s. In 2003 it was owned by Lizanne Allen.[6]

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