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The Tribes of Ireland – Ireland at the Birth of Your Irish Surname.

In last week’s newsletter we introduced Turlough O’Connor – High King of Ireland up to 1156. If Turlough was in the habit of reading maps back at that time, he might look at his kingdoms through the lens of this map – showing the major Tribes of Ireland at his time. Now, let’s take a […]

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The Irish Surname O’Connor/Connor/Conner/Conners/Connors

Deborah Crown was on wonder about the Irish surname “Conners“. You can read Deborah’s question and story at the end of this post.

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The Surname O’Neill

Mary O’Neill Leidner contacted us with a request for more information on the O’Neills (and a story of her own – which you can see at the end of this post). Meaning of the name O’Neill.

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The Irish Surname Quinn

Quinn (or Quin) comes from the Irish Ó Cuinn from the Irish first name Conn. This is a name that is found in many parts of Ireland – due to the fact that Conn was a popular first name, many separate septs adopted a version of this name when the surname system came into being. 

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The Irish Surname Mullins

Mullins comes from the Irish Ó Maoláin. This literally translates as “bald” – in the way a monk might be bald. This Irish name also translates into a number of surnames in different parts of the country:  Mullan, Mullen, Mellon and MacMullen.

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