County Cavan

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The Life of Riley – A Trip Through County Cavan (#502)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast show, we take a trip around County Cavan – looking at the main families, sites and music along the way. Join us as we have the “Life of Riley” in County Cavan.

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Irish Surnames and Their Counties

Do you have Irish surnames in your family tree? If the answer is yes, then read on – and discover more about the surnames of Ireland, where they come from – and see if you can spot some of your Irish surnames.

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One Last Trip Back to Ireland

Some of the most popular letters we send out each Sunday are those of our own readers. In today’s letter, I would to share a wonderful story that Leslie Baldwin shared a few weeks back. Over to Leslie: “Good morning Mike! Thank you for all the lovely letters you send. I have learned so much…

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Irish music

A Different Sort of Irish Music

This week, we are going to have a look at some family names from County Cavan – and one Irish musician in particular. I have put some really nice musical videos in the centre of our letter today and I know that you will enjoy them. The Families of the Kingdom of Breifne. Have you…

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Ulster Scots and the First Great Migration

You can listen to the show on your computer/smartphone by clicking on the play button above (the triangle with the circle around it). You can also download the show onto your computer by clicking on the download symbol. Enjoy! Episode Summary: Welcome to Season 5, Episode 2 of the Letter from Ireland Show. In this episode…

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