County Kildare

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Shackleton and St. Brendan – Irish Explorers who Took on The World (#112)

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 12 of the Letter from Ireland Show. In this episode, Carina looks at two stories of Irish explorers who took on the world. They were born centuries apart, but that spirit of adventure comes through in both of these letters. 

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Ernest Shackleton and the Irish Antarctic Connection.

Carina and myself were settling down in front of the TV last night – and up came the story of one Ernest Shackleton, in this case played by Kenneth Branagh. About 30 minutes into the movie, we are introduced to the Irishman who accompanied Shackleton on his South Pole voyage in 1914 – one Tom…

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Irish Roots and Irish Counties

Which Irish County Holds Your Irish Roots?

Which County in Ireland holds your Irish Roots? Everytime someone joins our “Letter from Ireland”, we ask the question: “Which County in Ireland did your Ancestors come from?” So far, we have had thousands of replies – and have built a list of 6470 entries. In the map above I have shown the distribution of…

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The Tribes of Ireland – Ireland at the Birth of Your Irish Surname.

Do you have an Irish surname in your family tree? In this Letter from Ireland we look at the Tribes of Ireland in 1150. Join us as we take a tour off the kingdoms at this time and the surnames associated with them.

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