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When Did Your Ancestor ARRIVE in Ireland (#730)

Did you know that Ireland was an uninhabited, ice-covered piece of ground up to about 10,000 years ago? Since then, many waves of immigrants have arrived in Ireland and made it more of a “melting Pot” than many of us might imagine. In this episode we look at the arrival in Ireland of two of…

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Inside the Hedge Schools of Ireland (#722)

In this episode we take a trip inside the “Hedge Schools” of Ireland – places of learning that were dotted around Ireland right up to the mid-1800s. We also look at the prevalence of so many biblical/latin first names in Ireland – names such as Jeremiah or Cornelius – and explain just why they were…

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Laurel & Hardy and An Irish American Hero (#721)

This episode of the Letter from Ireland podcast has a Hollywood theme! Not just Hollywood however, we tell two stories behind recently released movies with a strong connection to Ireland. So, what do Laurel & Hardy, Steven Spielburg, Tom Hanks, Mary Black and Carina Collins all have in common? They all feature in this week’s…

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The Key To Understanding Your Irish Surnames – (#602)

Did you ever wonder how the Irish surnames in your family tree originated and evolved? This handy guide talks you through many Irish first names – and how they eventually led to Irish surnames – with plenty of examples along the way!

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Letter from Ireland magazine cover with sheep in snow

Letter from Ireland Magazine (November/December, 2019)

Welcome to the Letter from Ireland Magazine for March/April, 2019. In this issue you will find features on: Saint Patrick and following in his footsteps, County Mayo – a Homelands feature, using Irish Records for your Irish ancestry research and much more.

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