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Do you Know your Irish Ancestral Origins?

We often come across a new member in the Green Room who provides us with the “facts” of their Irish ancestors origin in Ireland. I say “facts”, but these facts often appear to be unlikely when presented to an Irish genealogist. For example, it might be believed that a couple who were born in different…

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The Man Behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution.

Today, we’re going to meet a man whose organisation is at the forefront of sharing Irish history and heritage among so many people of Irish descent around the world. The organisation is Cork University Press – a prolific publisher of books like “The Atlas of the Irish Famine“ and “The Atlas of the Irish Revolution“ and their…

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Letter from Ireland Magazine (January/February, 2019)

Welcome to the Letter from Ireland Magazine for January/February, 2019. In this issue you will find features on: The Norman Surnames and culture in Ireland, planning your next Irish Trip, an interview with the publisher of the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine, all about the Celtic festival of Imbolc and much more.

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Is That Jerry with a J? Is This Biblical Name Irish?

Do you have any biblical names in your Irish family tree? Of course, there are plenty of Davids, Marys, Michaels and Theresas spread across our shared families – but how about some of the more “biblical-sounding” names? Names like Moses or Cornelius? Or maybe Isaiah or Jeremiah? While many of these names have been prominent…

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The Beatles – Meet The Liverpool Irish (#307)

Meet the Liverpool Irish! In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Show Carina takes you on a trip around the City of Liverpool Liverpool – through a gate that could tell a million stories, into “Paddy’s Wigwam and then introduces you to four very famous sons of Liverpool – three of whom have direct Irish Roots!

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