County Limerick

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Do You Know this Irish American Hero?

We have just arrived back from a very successful visit to Chicago and Milwaukee – and took full advantage of the movies on offer in the airplane. One in particular caught my attention – it was a new film by Steven Spielberg. The director of Jaws and Schindler’s list always offers some great entertainment. In…

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The Delightful Butter Roads of Old Ireland

Isn’t it amazing how butter has been “rehabilitated” in our medical literature. Apparently, it contains good fats that can help ward off all manner of neurological diseases – what good news! You see, Ireland has always had a reputation for its dairy products and I think we are all fond here of that dark, yellow…

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Beautiful Irish greenery

Top 10 Irish Surnames

Today we’re going to put a focus on the Top 10 Irish Surnames among our readers – perhaps your Irish surname is among them? When people sign up for the Letter for the first time, we ask them to share the Irish surnames in their family tree – and the county they believe they came…

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From the Banks of the Rhine to the Banks of the Shannon

We have a lot of readers whose ancestors ARRIVED in Ireland before they emigrated again a few generations later. I’m often asked questions about when an ancestor may have arrived in Ireland – and the reasons that caused their family to leave again. Just last week, I received the following from Corey Shier: “My Name…

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Irish Surnames and Their Counties

Do you have Irish surnames in your family tree? If the answer is yes, then read on – and discover more about the surnames of Ireland, where they come from – and see if you can spot some of your Irish surnames.

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