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A letter from ireland


Given that you are reading this letter, can I assume that you have an interest in your Irish Heritage and ancestry? Now, let me ask you this – when did you develop this interest? For a few of us, it’s always been there – for others, a curiosity appears in our forties or fifties –…

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The Arrival and Leaving of Liverpool

Just last September, one of our Green Room members, Eunice Hawkins visited the City of Liverpool on the west coast of England, and compiled a wonderful “trip report” that reminded us of the so many links between Ireland and Liverpool: “Interesting visit yesterday! Liverpool has 2 cathedrals – the gothic designed Anglican, and the RC…

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One Readers Search for her Irish Ancestry.

We’re coming into mid-summer in this part of the world – and there’s a grand stretch in the evenings, the light is staying until almost eleven o’clock at night. I hope things are well in your part of the world today? Last week, I mentioned that we have sent out over one million letters since…

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Irish Surnames

Irish Surnames That Say Where You Came From

I received the following last week from one of our readers, Nancy Ireland: The surname is Ireland.   It is so hard to research the name Ireland !   My husband has always wanted to know who was the first in his family to come to the United States from Ireland.  I have located his…

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Did Your Irish Australian Ancestor Follow the Black Velvet Band?

2.1 Million Australian citizens who identified themselves as being of Irish ancestry in the 2011 census. When I hear from our Australian readers, there is often at least one story of “transportation to a penal colony” in their ancestry.

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