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Irish Surnames

Irish Surnames That Say Where You Came From

I received the following last week from one of our readers, Nancy Ireland: The surname is Ireland.   It is so hard to research the name Ireland !   My husband has always wanted to know who was the first in his family to come to the United States from Ireland.  I have located his…

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Did Your Irish Australian Ancestor Follow the Black Velvet Band?

2.1 Million Australian citizens who identified themselves as being of Irish ancestry in the 2011 census. When I hear from our Australian readers, there is often at least one story of “transportation to a penal colony” in their ancestry.

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How The Irish Saved Civilisation

Last week I was invited to a dinner at Dublin’s Trinity College on a beautiful summer’s evening. Have you been there? As dusk fell we went for a walk among the grounds before the formality of the speeches and dinner. A sign caught my eye: “This way for the Book of Kells”. There we were, just…

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What Are the “Approved” Irish Names in Your Family?

Many Irish families seem to feature multiple instances of the same forenames e.g you might find dozens of Johns, Marys or Richards – but very few Joans, Timothys or Michaels. This cumulative effect is often down to “Irish naming patterns” – but sometimes families have a special place for some given names. Last week, I…

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First Irish Meal in a Country Home.

The following is an Irish Story submitted by Chuck Real as part of a Reader Story competition. 

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