County Wexford

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From the Banks of the Rhine to the Banks of the Shannon

We have a lot of readers whose ancestors ARRIVED in Ireland before they emigrated again a few generations later. I’m often asked questions about when an ancestor may have arrived in Ireland – and the reasons that caused their family to leave again. Just last week, I received the following from Corey Shier: “My Name…

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Irish Surnames and Their Counties

Do you have Irish surnames in your family tree? If the answer is yes, then read on – and discover more about the surnames of Ireland, where they come from – and see if you can spot some of your Irish surnames.

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The Wine Geese of France

A very important occasion has just occurred here in Ireland  – the first of the early potatoes have just been harvested. They have a taste like no other – and, as you probably realise, it is a vegetable that has special significance in Irish history. I wrote in an earlier letter about the link between…

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Irish road signs

Have you Unpacked Your Irish Family Tree?

We see a lot of Irish family trees both here and in the Green Room. Do you have an Irish family tree of your own? Perhaps handwritten in a sketchbook, or carefully constructed and annotated on What’s your biggest challenge/wish with the information on this tree? Do leave a comment below and let me know.…

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Irish Homelands – County Wexford and County Carlow

Welcome to this Irish Homelands feature - we are off to the south-east of Ireland – to County Wexford! We will also be taking in parts of County Carlow for this trip.

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