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The Shopkeeper and the Irish Saint – My Grandfather’s Hidden History (#309)

Carina always wanted to find out more about the place where her paternal grandfather grew up – so she did – and discovered a lot more about her Irish grandfather’s “Hidden History”. You can listen to the show on your computer/smartphone by clicking on the play button above (the triangle with the circle around it). […]

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The Irish Surname Riordan or Reardon

Riordan (or O’Riordan or Rearden) comes from the Irish Ó Riordain – which in turn comes from the earlier Irish Ó Rioghbhardáin. This in turn derives from “riogh bhard” or “royal bard. It is and was a large sept – but even today, you will find most Riordans in Munster – and county Cork particularly.

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