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The Irish Ancestry Trail
Irish Placenames – An Overview
The Evolution of Irish Surnames – Where your Irish Surname fits
Using the Irish Tithe Applotment Books
Stuck In Your Irish Ancestry Research? Here’s What to Do Next.


Celebrating Samhain – What This Time Of Year Means to Me.
The Irish President and The Irish Poet.
An Irish Bog Story for You.
Irish American Genealogy – Tips from a US Genealogist
Patrick Cleburne – From Cork to The Battle of Franklin
Is It Time To Start Your Irish Fan Club?
Do You Have Irish Famine Orphans in Your Family Tree?
Remembering St. Brigid of Ireland.
Irish Church Records: Are You Looking In The Correct Place?


Our Irish Christmas Traditions – What are Yours?
An Irishman and the 99th Regiment of Foot.
Looking for County Donegal Ancestry
Using a Simple Irish Ancestry Timeline
Start Your Irish Ancestry Search in the right place.
The Streets of a Small Town in County Tipperary.
Where to Start Searching for Your Irish Ancestor.
Tracking Down a Reader Surname in Ireland.
Thomas Francis Meagher Escapes from Tasmania.
Do you Know your Irish Ancestral Origins?
Tracing My Irish Ancestors from Tipperary.
The Skellig Islands, Star Wars and an Irish Lent.
Irish Civil Records – and the Origins of One Irish Grandmother
Have You Heard of The Irish Patriot called Michael Collins?
A Celtic Festival to Celebrate
The Man Behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution.
When Laurel & Hardy came to Ireland.
Do You Have a Rare Irish Surname in your family Tree?


Find the places of your Irish Ancestors – An Irish Historical Map.
Is This The Best Irish Memorial Ever?
Where Did The Irish Come From? The Origins of the Irish.
Is That Jerry with a J? Is This Biblical Name Irish?
Where Did Kavanaugh Come From?
Do You have an Irish Family History Puzzle Like This One?
Do You Have This Problem Locating your Irish Surname?
Five Surprising Ways to Search the 1901 Irish Census Records
Do You Know this Irish American Hero?
Have an Ancestry Brickwall? Here’s a new way to look at it.
3 Things to know about your Irish Ancestor Surnames
Have You Walked one of the Pilgrim paths of Ireland?
Do You Have an Irish Saint in Your Family Tree?
The Ford Motor Car and Confusing Irish Surnames
The Elementary Truth Behind Some Irish Surnames
Get the most from Irish Ancestry Records
Beautiful Maureen O’Hara and 3 Irish Surnames
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