The Irish Surname McCorry


McCorry (sometimes also Curry and Corr) comes from the Irish Mac Gothraidh – literally translated as “son of Gothraidh (or Godfrey)”. They were originally a branch of the Maguire family – mostly found around the modern County Fermanagh.

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  • Barbara Britch says:

    Hello! I’m looking for my g.grandfather’s name: William MacCaffery. Your site directed me to “MacCorry” which shows the “son of Godfrey/macguire” information that Ihabe sen on other sites. Can you add MacCaffery to your lists, please?

  • Kathleen Nial says:

    Hi Mike, I always enjoy your letters and histories. I am trying to find information about my maternal grandmother’s family, Curry. Your article about the McCorry surname includes Curry as a connected surname and identifies Fermanagh which relates because the one thing I know about my Great grandfather, John Curry, is that he came from Enniskillen and immigrated to Albany NY. But I have had no luck tracing him in Ireland. My siblings and I visited Enniskillen in 2016 but time did not permit going to any sites where I could do research.

    • carina says:

      Lots of on line resources to help you and as our own Genealogist in The Green Room says it’s a really good idea to have as much learned about your people where you are now as it helps narrow the search in Ireland.

  • Richard Corr says:

    The name Corr doesn’t seem to be a very popular name by itself. Always a run off an other name.

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