The Irish Surname Quinn


Quinn (or Quin) comes from the Irish Ó Cuinn from the Irish first name Conn. This is a name that is found in many parts of Ireland – due to the fact that Conn was a popular first name, many separate septs adopted a version of this name when the surname system came into being.  However, it is specially found in the counties of Tyrone, Antrim, Clare and Longford.

One of the peculiarities of the name was the way the second n was often dropped – to become Quin – to show the family was of the protestant religion.

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  • mariannek says:

    my grandmother Bridget Quinn was from County Limerick

    • admin says:

      Lots of Quinns in that neck of the woods – counties Limerick and Clare!

    • Genie Quinn Donley says:

      My Grandmother’s name was Bridget Quinn also. My Grandfather was Patrick James Quinn. Any relation ?

      • Mike says:

        Hi Genie – lots of Quinns out there who are not relations 🙂 – its a name that came up in different parts of the country. Mike.

  • Becky says:

    my grandmother’s tombstone shows :
    Bridget Quinn Mantle
    born Galway
    no date, no year
    Mantle is her married name.

  • My family orginated from John Quinn, from Kilkenny Ireland , was last know area and imigrated to NY,USA

  • Tom says:

    My great grandfather came from county Tyrone
    I’m looking for a family crest but there seem to be many different ones associated with that name

  • joanne quinn says:

    ndfather was john quinn married johanna conner, she died in letterkenny in 1958. its believed john quinn chose to go traveling although my gran had came from a family of teachers ? hearing different stories and trying to solve the puzzles . my dad is tony quinn thier youngest

  • Jeffrey Kirk says:

    I have Quinn in my mother in laws mothers name. I’m looking for the birth town of a John Quin/Quinn who married Bridget Glyn/Glynn around 1870 I’m guessing at the Ballintubber Abbey, Co. Mayo since all their children were baptized there. They settled in Castleburke/Baunoges and their home is being used today by their Great Grand Daughter.

  • Mr John L Dixon says:

    My great grandfather, Thomas Quinn, first appears in the English 1871 Census as an apparently 25 year-old farm worker whose parents were John Quin and Bridget – at least according to Thomas’ later marriage certificate when he wed my great grandmother. I have identified through research a bunch of possible Irish Marriages matching those names but have no idea which one is correct – not an uncommon problem. There was no family story consistency as to which part of Ireland the family originated, or even whether it was Northern Ireland or Eire.

    Any help or advice your group could extend in assisting me with identifying the couple with those names, who had a son Thomas, in approximately 1836, would be most welcome!

  • Ken Quinn says:

    My great-great-great grandfather was John Quinn, I believe born in the county of down approx 1810-20. He wed Mary Keenan and they had a son David John Quinn, born July 12, 1840 in County Down. Later descendants moved to Canada. Any further information or confirmation would be great.

  • Gerald says:

    Gerald Quinn here. My great Grandfather, Michael Quinn arrived in Philly in 1847 with his brother Patrick. His wife was Bridget Bracken Quinn. They were from Laois and Offaly. After 40 years of searching we have been unable to find any relatives in Ireland😩😩 but we continue to hope. We did find some Baptism certificates in a little town just north of Tullamore. I believe it was Tubber. Any help would be great!!

  • Claire says:

    My great great grandfather was Patrick Quinn birn c1787 and died aged 103, married 3 times and had 12 children to each wife. He was a farmer in Galway before moving to north east England.

  • donn cairns says:

    Hi. Just discovered your site. Very helpful. I have always wondered if there was any significance of the dropped second “n.” My 2x great-grandmother was Elizabeth Anne Quin. Her father’s name was Michael and they lived in or near Loughgilly.

    Thank you for publishing such useful and interesting information.

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