A Letter from Ireland:

The Irish Surname Riordan or Reardon



Riordan (or O’Riordan or Rearden) comes from the Irish Ó Riordain – which in turn comes from the earlier Irish Ó Rioghbhardáin. This in turn derives from “riogh bhard” or “royal bard. It is and was a large sept – but even today, you will find most Riordans in Munster – and county Cork particularly.

The bard was a type of poet – sometimes responsible for writing and reciting verse – sometimes only responsible for reciting and performing. The profession of the Bard or the Poet in Gaelic Ireland was to provide praise and eulogy or condemnation. It was a role that was treated with great seriousness as opposed to being purely entertaining.

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    Hi, the ship manifest that has my great grandmother mentions a town that appears to be spelled “cloncriffo”.
    The closest I can find to that name is Cloncraff.
    Was there a place called cloncriffo back in about 1900?
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