A Letter from Ireland:

The Irish Surname Teague (or MacTeige)


Teague comes from the Irish Mac Taidgh (pronounced “mac-tie-g”). This literally translates as “son of Tadhg”. This Irish name also translates into the surname “MacTeige” and “MacTigue”. Its an example of a name belonging to no one specific sept – but comes from the fact that Tadgh was a common surname in ancient Ireland – it sprang up in a number of areas when the surname system came into place after the 11th century. The name can be found chiefly in the northwest in counties Donegal and Mayo.

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  • Jay Teague says:

    I’m going to figure out who my Irish ancestors were.

  • carina says:

    Best of luck and do check out johngrenham.com to get started in your search.

  • Jennifer says:

    Could the name Theetge have come from this? According to ancestry dna, I am 88% british.

  • Margaret says:

    My grandmother was Annie Tague. The Tague family had the names Mary,Margaret,Catherine,Brigid, Helen and Michael, Thomas,James,Hugh etc. my Irish roots are inLeitrim,Roscommon and Sligo. Two other surnames are Savage and Gilmartin.

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