A Letter from Ireland:

The Surnames of County Armagh


County Armagh My Ancestral HomeOur readers surnames from the County Armagh.

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Armstrong, Atkinson, Blackie, Caulfield, Clarke, Crozier, Davitt, Devine, Donnelly, Doyle, Eldon, Finnegan, Flanagan, Gamble, Gibson, Gilbonney, Gillon, Gilpin, Gregory, Haddock, Hamilton, Hinton, Hughes, Irwin, Johnston, Keady, Keenan, Lonsdale, MacTavish, Magee, Martin, McArdle, McCalla, McCann, McCarron, McCartin, McConnell, McConville, McCrum, McDonald, McGrann, McGwin, McIllenden, McKee, McQuade, Moore, Morrow, O’Brien, Oliver, O’Neil, O’Neill, Quinn, Reynolds, Smyth, Toner, Traynor, Vallely, Wilson, Winters, Woods

Here is a shot of the Eamhain Macha – or Navan Fort – which gives Armagh its name. Located just outside the City of Armagh.

  • Kenneth (Ken) Graham says:

    Most of my people came from / are still located in Armagh. Graham on my father’s side and Hunter on my mother’s.

  • Marge says:

    My mother’s mother came from Co. Armagh. I see my Gran’s maiden name and the names of families that married into her father’s family. I don’t see my Gran’s mother’s maiden name, which was Greer. But it’s a great site nonetheless. Thank you for doing this. 🙂

  • Robin McCabe says:

    Quinn and Winters, excited thank you so much…

    Thank you,

  • I was hoping to find out where the McGrievy’s came from . They emigrated to England and on the census reports they put down Irish Free State only .

  • Dina Sitton says:

    Hoping for more info on Connelly from Co Armagh. Hit a dead end in research

  • Patricia McArdle Giza says:

    Let me know when your book is available in the States.

  • Sheryl says:

    Fascinating page, keep up the good work! 🙂 My grandfather’s family was from County Armagh and his surname was Kirkland.

  • Rae-Anne Emerson says:

    I was linked to this site via a friend My paternal family name is Emerson and we still have relatives who are there.

  • Carole Lindsay says:

    Could you add the name CARTMILL to your site please? My family came from Grange Parish Loughall.

  • Michael [Mike] Maher says:

    My paternal grandmother had the surname McShane and she was from Loughross/Crossmaglen in Co Armagh. I’d like to see that surname added. The paternal grandfather (surname Maher) was from Rathmacan in Co Kilkenny. They both immigrated separately and ended up in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Mary Weise says:

    You have a wonderful site. Thank you for your work. My maternal great grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Co. Armagh. His surname was Ferry, though his brother changed it to Farry. Please add to your Co. Armagh list of surnames. Thanks again. -Mary

  • Fredric Gibson says:

    My great grandfatherJohn Gibson lived in Seagoe Armagh,county Armagh. Immigrated to Australia in 1838. Please add the Gibson name to the list

  • Nice to see our family name Oliver listed. Also have Hayes of Co Armagh. g g g grandfather James Hayes. g g grandfather Andrew Bradford Oliver m Mary Jane Hayes and later Anne Hanna.

  • Robert Joseph Toner Jr says:

    it was nice to see my family name. but I was wondering if you could tell me more about my great grandfather his name was William Francis Tonner. I have had a hard time finding info on my family from there

  • Christine Mallon says:

    Thank you for this. My paternal grandfather, Peter Francis Mallon, was from Armagh.
    Spouse: Peter Francis MALLON
    Birth: 15 Apr 1890, Newry, Armagh, Ireland
    Death: 27 May 1964, Long Beach, California, age: 74
    Occ: Railroad and Oil Worker
    Reli: Catholic
    Father: John Myles MALLON
    Mother: Sarah CUNNINGHAM
    Marr: 5 Oct 1927, Long Beach, California

  • Deirdre Brennan says:

    My family name are McAlinden,McShane Ligget and Furphy of Lurgan county Armagh

  • Lynda says:

    I have an ancestor with the surname McKendra who came from Annacramph.

  • Gordon henderson says:

    My grandparents were Susan mccreesh and alwxandergordon. They were married in Armagh cathedral.

  • Billy GINN says:

    Can anyone help me find which county the name Ginn is from. . Thanks

  • Dale says:

    Do you include McElree in Londonderry county in your list of original names .?

  • Wendy Wilson says:

    Mom’s many times great grandfather, George McCreary, came over from Armagh in 1775. My understanding is he was Scotts-Irish but haven’t been able to find out much about him.

  • Karen J Matthews says:

    Trying to trace my family name – Dobbin – I have lots if leads – but lots of gaps – know we are linked to Carrickfergus .

  • Alleyne Patrick says:

    My great grandfather, William John Gregson, son of Samuel and Margaret Gregson, came to the U.S. in 1906. He was from a family who, according to the 1901 Census lived in Tullygally, Lurgan Rural, Armagh; and according to the 1911 Census, Drumgor, Kernan, Armagh. Please add Gregson to your site. I will be in Belfast within the next few weeks and have not found the above-mentioned graves. Any ideas?

  • julie wells says:

    McArdle, Toner , Vallely. Keenan, Gillon are names that all came together in NSW, Australia. Mcnally is another name . All married in Australia, All from Armagh

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  • Pete says:

    Dont see my clan? Lawless or Fay? Still in curran st or the Tunnel Portadown.

  • Loretta Schnittker says:

    Our ancestors the Busbys are from County Armagh. The Magees also hail from Strabane, County Tyrone. Nice website.

  • Barry says:

    I believe my family (Laughren) immigrated from Armagh in mid 1850’s, I know from some of the history I have read that the Laughren name came up on the tax rolls as early as late 1400’s, early 1500’s.

  • Kathy McCarthy says:

    My Caulfields come from Co Mayo

  • William Twinem says:


  • John+Hamill says:

    Hamill , Haughian,Lennon,McAlinden family Ames in North Armagh.

  • Terry Hutchinson says:

    My name is Terrence John Hutchinson – Great Great Grandfather was James Hutchinson born June 24th, 1863 – died April 10, 1941 Armagh Ireland. I believe his father’s name was John Hutchinson died 1905 -buried in Ireland.I was wondering if you had any information on John Hutchinson or before

    Terry Hutchinson

  • Rick says:

    My great-grandfather Michael Rock owned house 9 in Granemore in 1901, with 13 children! Are there many Rocks in Armagh?

  • Hope Morrow Vandale says:

    Hi there…I note my family surname ‘Morrow’ listed as being a County Armagh surname yet I was of the understanding it was a County Donegal surname?

  • Laurie says:

    Felix Grimes was one of my ancestors [7th great grandpa]; apparently the surname was Graham at some point

  • Cindy says:

    Yes my Surname is listed Magee(or I should say my mom’s) from what I understand they are from Armagh. Of course I’d like to know more.

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