A Letter from Ireland:

The Surnames of County Fermanagh


County Fermanagh My Ancestral HomeThe surnames of County Fermanagh.

Here are the Fermanagh surnames in the family trees of our Readers. Is your County Fermanagh surname here? If not, just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it.

Here we see a beautiful picture of the Maguire castle in Enniskillen.

The names we have are:

Amy Averell Beacom Bird Brady Carleton Cassidy Clark Corrigan Creighton Dolan Donnelly Dowd English Fair Farrell Fisher Flanagan Gillogly Gunn Hicks Johnston Largy Loughnane Lunney Maguire Malloy Maze McBrien McCabe McCusker McGee McGhee McGillen McGuire McLaughlin McManus McVeigh Meehan Moroney Morris Murray Nugent  Peters Quaid Slavin Tierney Vance

  • gerry mc dermott (@gerrymac6511) says:

    More than a few O Reilly/Reilly,and McGovern.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Gerry – I do realise that – but these are only names from our readers and that county. Are your people from Fermanagh also? Mike.

  • Claire McGrievy Finley says:

    I’m still having trouble nailing down where my grandfather’s parents were from . They put on the census . Irish free state . Could you check McGrievy for me. Thank you , Claire

  • Jude (Roache) Fell says:

    JOHN THOMPSON was born 1818, and died 24 July 1894 in Lisroody, County Fermanagh, Ireland. He married JANE LOGAN in County Fermanagh, Ireland. She died in County Fermanagh, Ireland. They were my great great grandparents.

    • Mike says:

      Names now on list Jude – thanks for sharing, mike.

      • Jude (Roache) Fell says:

        Thanks Mike that’s great. When in Ireland in 2011, we didn’t get to county Fermanagh. We went as far as Belfast & ran out of time. I had lost my very beautiful, very Irish father in 2010 at 94. He had always dreamed of going to Eire but sadly never got there. We went for him .. & mostly concentrated on the South where his father’s family had hailed from (Roches) & met some wonderful family down there. Will go North in 2014!

  • BJ Holinka says:

    My great great Grandfather, Francis Rennick, was born in Enniskillen, Fermanagh County, 16 Apr 1819. I am searching for the exact parish, townland, etc. of his birthplace. He emigrated to Canada in 1841. He married Sarah Cousens (English ancestors) in Montreal, Canada 16 April 1844. He and Sarah and 10 children then came to United States in 1867 and settled in Stark County, Illinois in 1867. Would love to know his Irish origins!!

    • Mike says:

      Hi there – my records show that while Rennick is originally an English name – they appeared in Ireland from about 1580 onwards. Your Rennicks may be part of a group of Rennicks that originally settled in County Monaghan. Mike.

      • Kerry Clausen Kilmury says:

        This is interesting Mike. Do you have any other information as I”m completely stuck on my research. Furthest back is Thomas (possibly Solomon middle name) Rennick 1807, married Mary Jane Warnock….and then I hit a wall.

      • Brian says:

        My Rennick Family Tree at present goes back to 1794 to County Monaghan. My relatives are still there in Lough Derry House. Other surnames that feature are Cranston, Hogarth , Reburn , Everson and Whitset. As of yet no record of Thomas.

    • Kerry Clausen Kilmury says:

      My Irish ancestors were Rennick’s too out of Enniskillen.

  • Peter Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi Mike my mother’s Family name is Timoney – I know the graveyard in Garrison has an area with several Timoneys buried there

  • mary says:

    Hi, i found my grandparents name here “Fisher” list for this county..this is actually the first site i found with the name listed…I found the immigration info on Ancestry.com …but no info was given for their origin except Ireland….thanks…it maybe a helpful hint !

  • mary says:

    I am trying to trace the roots of my ancestors, Fisher is their name, they arrived in the US in 1845 !!!!!
    the shipped they arrive d on is the Stephen Whitney..Ancestry.com didn’t have the counties they traveled from…thanks for any tips…Mary

  • Sandra Hamilton says:

    Emigrants to Australia from Enniskillen Fermanagh in 1850 were David HAMILTON and his wife Jane nee PHILLIPS.

  • Great Grandma was Margaret Gidlow,but I don’t see that name in your list

  • Judy Rogers says:

    In the county I live in I found the names of Nolan (my family) Maguire, and McCauley as having arrived from Fermanagh in the 1830’s and 1840’s. I had the fortune to visit Ireland five times. I was moved to tears to walk in Fermanagh know my ancestors had walked those streets. They left from the port of Sligo in May of 1845. They gave the port of Buffalo as their entry port but I have found no proof of that. God bless the Irish.

  • Jann Hayman says:

    Hi Mike
    My ancestors came from 4 townlands near Ederney. Their names were Beacom, Armstrong, Thomson, Chittick, Gibson and MacFarland. I was fortunate to visit Fermanagh from Australia in 2010 and see the townlands where they lived and worked.
    Three of my four great-great-grandparents lived within 500 metres of one another, and the third just 5 km away. My impression was that their “world” in this rural setting in the 1800s was so small, and yet so many folk ended up making a risky journey to the opposite side of the earth!

  • Robert Mitchell says:

    In reading the Ulster list of Scottish Surnames who resided between the period 1607 – 1633 in the eight Plantation counties. My family surname Mitchell appears on Muster Rolls and Estate Maps of County Fermanagh . In tracing my fathers family ancestry I found both my Grandfather and Great Grandfather listed in 1871 Nova Scotia Census. Thy are listed as being Irish Protestants residing in the Newport. N.S. area . Also listed is a John Mitchell, farmer, who could have been my Great, great grandfather. I don’t know the exact date my ancestors left but want to trace them back to Ireland. Regards Robert Mitchell

  • Viann Powers says:

    I have gone to the beautiful market town of Enniskillen and met people with the same surname as my maiden name. However there were people of the same name, which is not a very frequently used name but there was not a naming pattern similar to my family. Other counties in Ulster where the name occurred were Donegal, Tyrone, Derry and Antrim. Believe the name derived from Gallowglas lineage. The name that I have searched was MC CULLION. Any ideas of how to distinguish my clan who immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1837.

  • Avis Newby says:

    Hi, I reside in Australia and have been trying to find out more information regarding our Irish Heritage for my Aunt who is now 92 and my mother. We have found a birth certificate of with my great great grandparents names on it from the birth of their son in 1859 in Parramatta NSW. It details they are both from County Fermanagh. John Alexander Sprowls (not sure if this is the correct spelling age 30) Margaret Johnson age 35. We cant find any records of what ship they arrived on etc. Could anyone assist and advise how I could possibly locate them from County Fermanagh.

  • Dorothy McDonald says:

    My GG Great grandmother Catherine Farmer came to Australia on The Sir Edward Parry as part of the Caroline Chisholm group bringing young girls to Australia. Catherine landed in Port Phillip Bay on 24 Jan 1848 at the age of 14 years from Cleenish Fermanagh, she was a housemaid. I’m not sure if she was born in Cleenish or just worked there.

    • Mark Farmer says:

      Hi Dorothy,
      I have traced back my 3rd great-grandfather Terrence who was born as far as I can tell also in Cleenish Fermanagh to Patrick and Mary Farmer. The brothers seem to have left for Boston or New York in 1844, and many of them named daughters Catherine. I’ve only a list of some of the family members, but Mary Farmer shows as having died in Florencecourt in Enniskillen in 1880 at age 97.

  • John Kiess Kurtz says:

    Would be most grateful to get more information about my maternal 5G Grandfather, Alexander Cathcart (1715-1780) and his County Fermanagh connections. According to the “definitve” Sherrard family historian, Robert Andrew Sherrard in his book “The Sherrards of Steubenville,” 1890 on p. 330: “Alexander Cathcart was born in 1715 in Ireland, 3 miles from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. It is stated that the clan of Cathcart, from the highlands of Scotland, came to Ireland during the reign of James I of England, and was given a “life lease” in Maughygannon, near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland.
    He married Ann Gamble, born March 28, 1721, of Graan, County Fermanagh, Ireland. They were married March 17, 1743 in County Fermanagh. They became the parents of 7 children.” Thanks!

    • Lianne T says:

      Hi, I too would like more information about Cathcarts in County Fermanagh. According to my genealogical research, my husband’s ancestor is also an Alexander Cathcart, only he was born July 1786 in Fermanagh, and left Ireland to live in Canada. Maybe he is a descendant of your Alexander? He married a Catherine Howden, also born in Fermanagh.

  • Glenn says:

    I hope someone can help. I have just discovered that my ancestry through the male line is Loton/Loten/Lawton/Laughton. Because of sons adopting the surnames of step-fathers it is not the name I bear but it is my lineage nonetheless.

    All I have is James Loten bc 1822 in Enniskillen the son of Richard and Anna. He traveled to Australia in 1841 aboard the Albatross with his new bride, a Catherine Carty of Tipperary, daughter of Michael and Margaret, bc 1817,

    I am not familiar with the name Loten and I have seen precious few examples of it so it is probably not the correct spelling. Does it ring any bells?

  • John Dumas says:

    Looking for Thomas Murray born 1794 wife Margaret born Crorken 1806 son Micheal born 1839.
    Thank you for any help dumasjohnj@netscape.net

  • John says:

    I am currently researching my genealogy and have traced my father’s mother’s surname to a Andrew Vance of Tyrone borne 1666. His father was John Vans born in Tyrone in 1650. His Father was Dr. Lancelot Francis Vans borne in Tyrone in 1630. His father was Rev. John Vans born in Donegal in 1617.
    Their family came from the Wigtownshire area of Scotland.
    Can you connect me with any information on these Vances?
    If any of your members are part of the Oxford Ancestors DNA Database, ask them to check me out on Y-clan Certificate database.
    Thank you,
    John Vance Messick Jr.

  • Michele Lyons says:

    I can’t find the exact town where my ancestors were, but one of the is Joseph Tremble. I know he died there in 1787, but I’m not sure if he was born there or in Antrim because that’s originally where they are from, I guess.

  • R Lambie says:

    Is Lambie a Germany name

  • R Lambie says:

    Is Lambie a Fermanagh Name

  • Rick Stapleton says:

    Looking for Sarah Donnelly (1815) and Peter Magee (1810) . Had a male child Bernard 1859. My Great grand mother Mary Magee (McGee) married O’Connor of Long Island City. Any hints would be wonderful. Thanks Rick Stapleton

  • Steve Donaldson says:

    Hello my name is Steven Donaldson of Toronto Ontario, and I have been searching my family tree for several years. My research has pushed me to Ireland repeatedly. From County Fermanagh near Drumkerran. The family name Mills , Crozier, and Amy. I have others from County Down Robb, Patton, Close.

    • carina says:

      Looks like a trip over here is on the cards so!
      And a peep into our Green Room to get you Ready for the trip.

  • April Maguire Hale says:

    I’ll be visiting Ireland within the next year and would love to see some of my ancestry homes. My last name is Maguire. Where would you recommend that I start? Thanks, April

  • George says:

    Hello Mike,

    I found your “Letter from Fermanagh,” but not in the Green Room. You requested to let you know if anyone has additional kin from Fermanagh. I have found three of my Chambers kin who lived in Rosslea/Roslea and in Tattenbarr in the second half of the 19th Century. I’m still searching for more information.

    On another point: I frequently see the names Roslea and Rosslea, even in official documents. Is it possible that one refers to the area and the other to the townland?

    George Chambers
    Westminster, California

  • Mary (Hall) Stancavage says:

    I have family from Ballinamallard, Fermanaugh, an came to the U.S. about 1848, but I am not seeing any mention of his Surname which would be Patterson. He married an Irish woman and there is another name I didn’t see in your article. Her name was Hunter they were married in Ireland.

  • Michele Martin says:

    Been searching for the birth mother of Martha Mayne (1807-1879). The records I have found say she was born to Robert Mayne (1807-1879) in Derry, Ireland. She was listed as a Wesleyan Methodist. Martha married James Woodburn (1787-1869) and immigrated to Gloucester Twp. Carleton County, Canada circa 1839. Their family is considered to be one of the pioneer families of New Edinburgh, Ontario.

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