A Letter from Ireland:

The Surnames of County Sligo


County Sligo My Ancestral HomeThe surnames of County Sligo!

Here are the County Sligo surnames belonging to our readers – is yours here?

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Armstrong, Barber, Beatty, Brennan, Cahill, Canty, Carbury ,Casey, Cawley, Coleman, Colman ,Coyle, Cuffe ,Culleens, Cullen, Donegan, Durkin ,Dyer, Fahey, Fee, Feeley, Feeney, Flynn, Gartland, Geary, Gilmartin ,Gilmore, Graham ,Healy, Herly, Hunt ,Judge, Kelly, Kennedy, Kerrigan ,Kilroy ,Lacken, Layng, Maguire, Marren ,McCafferkey ,McGarry, McGary, McKeon ,McTeirnan ,Meehan, Meer ,Moriarty, Mulligan, Mulvaney ,O’Gara, O’Hara ,O’Neill, Owens, Quinn, Rafferty, Scanlon ,Scott, St Lawrence, Stimson, Stinson, Sweeney ,Vesey, Walsh, White, Young,

This is a picture of Knocknarea taken from Strandhill just outside Sligo town. On the summit you will find Medb’s Tomb.

  • Kathleen Flanagan says:

    Hi Mike – I don’t know if you’re looking for more family names or not. You’ve got my grandmother and grandfather on here. My great grandmothers were Niland and Gilgan, and another great grandmother was Finley. That’s going pretty far back! I can’t wait for this book to come out!
    PS – I will send you the link to my son’s website… and his music.

  • Dawn Loughlin says:

    Hi Mike,
    My husband’s grandparents were born in County Sligo. Their last names were Loughlin and Durcan.

  • sandra Laferriere says:

    Mike, I see my grandfathers surname in County Sligo. ( :

  • Lynn says:

    My first, second and third times great grandfathers (Gardiner) were all from Sligo.

  • Lisa Leavitt says:

    My third great grandmother was from Sligo and her name was Curly or Curley. We’ve seen both spellings and I’m trying to figure out which one it was.

    • Mike says:

      Hi Lisa – its usually spelled as Curley in Ireland. But it is more useful to think of the Irish language spelling as the correct one as Irish names often get translated/anglicised as allsorts in English. In Irish the name is Ó Thoirdealbhaigh. In Ulster this becomes Turley in English – in Connaught it becomes Curley. Mike.

  • ann Sligo says:

    Hi Mike, My surname IS Sligo, I live in New Zealand. Where does this name come from in Ireland?

    • Mike says:

      Sounds like a leading question, Ann! I’m not aware of the surname Sligo in Ireland. I may be a version of a more common Irish name, but I cant see what it is. Did your ancestor come from Ireland? Mike.

  • sissybiff says:

    Seeking information regarding George Mulvaney b1818.and wife Mary..lived in Rhode Island USA. Son Patrick J Mulvaney. Mary and Patrick arrived July 1848 aboard GEorge Marsden in NYC. Patrick married Mary Kehoe. ????? When did George Mulvaney arrive in USA

  • Robert White says:

    Hello My Dad’s Bloodline Is From What I Know Pure Irish My Name Surname Is White I Can’t Find Much About My Pretty Much Lost Name My Father Changed His Name To Nett Before I Had A Say lol. Anyways Quite So Before I Was Born So I Plan On Changing That Back Indeed But I Was Wondering If You Mind Helping Me Find My Lost Roots Be Forever Grateful~ ^^

  • Carolyn Kenney says:

    Hi Mike,
    Could you add Kenney to the Surnames list for Sligo? Also, Reed (Reid) and O’Brien. I know my great-grandfather was born in Co. Sligo. He married Mary Reed whose mother was an O’Brien. Not really sure if O’Brien and Reed are from Sligo, but I think they may be. Thanks!

  • Jeanne Rose says:

    Looking for the correct spelling of my great or great great grandmother. It’s pronounced Moraley. But I don’t think that correct spelling. I believe she was from Sligo
    Thank you

  • Samuel Kopec says:

    Hello!. My Great Grandmother’s maiden name was Barbarow. Do you think Barber could have become Barbarow? A general DNA test from Ancestry and a mtDNA test support the idea. What do you think?

  • Sean o Brennan/Scanlon says:

    Was just wondering where I came from my great gran ran away from convent in Sligo to Dublin she’s Scanlon that all I know of that side my great grandfather Brennan side was from slums in Dublin o Connell street it’s like my family was broken up not even sure how I ended here or who my family really is I just can’t stop thinking about it all I’m lost an I’ve just started my own family an I feel like I need to go back where my family started my mothers mother use to say we came from a Pharos daughter an that we have kings an queens blood runnig threw us i would just like to know where my family came from an what type of people they were

    • Sean o Brennan/Scanlon says:

      Ps I am dark skinned an sometimes people call me black an it does have me wondering.How.

    • Mary says:

      My mother came from that way. North of the Bridge and O’Connell St. She often went to Phoenix Park which we visited. Her family were originally from the west of Ireland but got drawn in to working in the Breweries and gave up their land. Hope you have luck in your research. Maybe try having a DNA test???

    • Kerry Maines says:

      My nanny was called Maureen O’Connor and her husband was James Brennan he was from Sligo. He come to England and had children then left for Ireland when my dad was 13/14. Never seen again.

  • Sherry Armstrong Brainard says:

    Hi. Armstrong is my father last name. We found out they came over from Cork County. The last name came to be by our ancsenter saved a king in a battle .Strong arm. Is what I have been told. They came over by ship to Canada then crossed over in to Northeren New York state. Dad & my grandfather Ulyess were farmers.Thank you

  • Kathy Helms says:

    My father said that his grandparents were born in Sligo county but i do not see that surname listed. The name is Ryan. IS there other counties where Ryan would be more prominent than Sligo? My father and all my uncles are now deceased and i’m trying to get what i can for info on my dad’s side for him and for me. He was excited that i found out some info on his grandparents before he died.



    • Mike+Collins says:

      Ryan is very prominent in Limerick and Tipperary around 1847.

      • mary says:

        Hi Mike
        Can you suggest which Sligo name begins with a G ends with an R and has a total of 6 letters….???? Mary x

        • mary says:

          Surname that is….! Thank you. You seem to be very knowledgeable on this subject. May I ask as to how that is???

    • Patrick+Ryan says:

      After searching through the south of Ireland for some time for my Ryan family I turned to Sligo to follow up on some hints I found. I did find them in Sligo but the name was Royan not Ryan. After checking on this recently I found the name was commonly shortened to Ryan and is more in the Ruane line than the Ryan’s. It was not a very common name so if you know people who were born in Ireland search under the name Royan and see if anything pops up in Sligo.

  • Shannon says:

    I’m doing a family tree and need some help. I can’t get past my great grandparents, who were from Sligo. Their names were Roger O’Gara (b1888) and Bridget “Delia” Hunt O’Gara (b.1888) Can anyone help me with their parent’s names? I’ve tried everything, ancestry, DNA, searching Facebook for O’Gara’s from Sligo, to no avail. If anyone knows anything, please email me at shannonlawson17@gmail.com.

  • Rick Dyer says:

    I am stumped , I found my ancesters in Scotland , I traced them back to a Peter Dyer , all I have on him is he was born & died in Ireland , I think his wife’s name was Mary . He had a son William born in Edinburgh, in about 1770 .

  • Patrick Ryan says:

    I have been searching for my Ryan family in Ireland for some time and focused my search in the Munster area as I was always told the family was from Cork. After going through what seemed like every parish record with no luck I decided to search up north because my DNA and a few hints pointed that way. I was looking for Patrick Ryan and wife Bridget Jordan and there children. I found the family in Cabragh, Kilglass, County Sligo. What baffles me though is the family name is not Ryan but Royan. I’m not familiar with this surname and thought it might be a typo but it appears to be a proper Irish surname. Do you have information on this name?

  • My Grandfather came from Sligo. His name was Peter ( O’Dwyer) Dyer. I am inquiring if there are any relatives remaining in Sligo, as I would like to make contact with them.

  • Dawn Laverty says:

    Two great Names in my Tree O’Hara, (Laverty O’Flaherty)

  • Diane Mcilvenny says:

    English census records show my family come from Aiskey Sligo. I presume this is the same place as Easkey. The family name is Ryan but in Bradford 1851 they were registered as Royan. Other times they are known as Ryon and Rine. Does anyone know if there were Ryan’s in the Sligo area as It is always suggested they are from the Southern part of Ireland.

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