A Letter from Ireland:

Where was Your Family at the time of Henry VIII?


Tomorrow, YourIrishHeritage is setting off on a road trip between the cities of Cork and Dublin. The road is now a full motorway and we should be in Dublin within 2.5 hours.
But lets roll the clocks back a bit – all the way to the early 1500s – and think about the same journey and the families and lords we would encounter along the way.

Back in the early 1500s, the central English administration had fallen back to the “Pale” – an area defined as surrounding the hinterland of Dublin. The rest of Ireland was ruled by a combination of Norman overlords and familes and Gaelic Chieftains and their families.

So – going through the walls of the city of Cork – we would first come into the Earldom of Desmond run by the Fitzgeralds – first through country overseen by the DeCogans. We would then nip through some Gaelic territory run by the Cahills and Lehanes.
Back into Norman territory – through the lands of the Barrys, Hydes, Roches and Condons (and still just about in modern county Cork).

And now we move into the Earldom of Ormond – overseen by the Butlers (in modern Tipperary and Kilkenny) – and through the lands of the Lords Bermingham, Keating, Troy, Plunkett, Cantwell and Shorthall.

Next, we move back into Gaelic territories – run by the Fitzpatricks around modern county Laois. Onward through more Gaelic lands run by the Kellys, Dowlings, Dunnes, O’Connors and Moores in turn.

Just before the Pale – we come to the Earldom of Kildare – run by the Norman Fitzgeralds.

Then we enter the Pale – on the home run to Dublin – and we go through smaller areas overseen by Norman old English families such as the Husseys, DeLaSalles, Luttrells, Taylors, Browns, Plunketts and DeLacys.

And we’re there! But it may have taken a little more than 2.5 hours – and a little more planning!

So, where were your Irish Family around the time of King Henry VIII?