A Letter from Ireland:

Wolfe Tone and Bantry Bay


Bantry Bay

Wolfe Tone and Bantry Bay.

“We were close enough to toss a biscuit ashore.” Words from Wolfe Tones diary. Wolfe Tone travelled with 43 ships of the French Armada to this spot – Bantry Bay in Cork – in December 1796. But bad weather intervened and a general nervousness forced a decision to return to France. The failed 1798 rebellion happened 2 years later.

With this beautiful ship framed with a cannon in the front of Bantry House felt very evocative of that time. And if you travel to Bantry today, you’ll find names like O’Leary, Harrington, O’Mahony, O’Sullivan, Collins, Murphy, Crowley, Hayes, McCarthy, Shea, Moynihan, Cotter, Donovan, Cronin, Regan, Spillane and Lynch.