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United Surnames of Ireland
From Guinness to McGuinness
The Irish Traffic Lights of Syracuse
Thomas Francis Meagher – an Irish Name Spelled Two Ways.
The Story of Two Irish Immigrants.


Irish Naming Patterns
Finding Your Way – Directions in Ireland
From Fairy-Gaul to the Irish in Montreal
Saint Nicholas of Kilkenny
Partridge Island, Saint John
Grosse Ile – The Original Isle of Tears
The Night of the Big Wind
An Irish Boat to New Brunswick.
Irish Hounds and Irish Surnames
From County Down to the Wuthering Heights of Yorkshire
A Letter from Australia to Ireland
Pride and Prejudice and Three Irish Surnames
Daniel McDonald – Painting Ireland During the Famine
Do You Have an Irish Mammy in Your Life?
How Many Generations Back to Your First Irish Ancestor?
Let us Gaze at the Moon and Stars: Agnes Mary Clerke
The Choctaw Nation and Ireland
Do you have an Irish Viking Surname?
An Irish Dracula.
Have you heard of The Irish Banshee?
The Music of Chief O’Neill
The Life, Plays and Wisdom of George Bernard Shaw
Green, White and the Orange Order
The Penal Laws – and A Tale of Love and Loss
The Wine Geese of France
The Yew Tree of Ireland
Ernest Shackleton and the Irish Antarctic Connection.
The Tailor and Ansty – An Irish Storyteller
Elvis Presley and the Shillelagh
Saint Brendan’s Voyage
The Arrival and Leaving of Liverpool
It’s a Long Way from Tipperary to New Jersey
One Readers Search for her Irish Ancestry.
A Special Saint Patrick’s Day Message to all of our readers
Does your first name have an equivalent Irish name?
The Hedge School Teachers of Ireland


Planning your Trip to Ireland.
An Irish Mentor
Admiral William Brown of County Mayo
Molly Brown and The Titanic – An Irish Story.
The Journey of an Irish Royal Family.
The Fighting Irish – Is Your Irish Surname Mentioned Here?
3 Steps to Tracing Your Irish Ancestry Back to Ireland
The Easter Rising, 1916