A Letter from Ireland:

Our Top 5 Letters from Ireland Over 5 Years

We started the weekly Letter from Ireland ALL the way back in June, 2013 – which makes us 5 Years Old as of the date this post was published! Here we share just 5 of our (and your) favourite letters down through those years. Would you like to receive a free Letter from Ireland of […]

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The Delightful Butter Roads of Old Ireland

Have you ever heard of The Butter Roads of old Ireland? Maybe you’ve travelled along one or two? It’s likely that a few of your ancestors would have used these important (and scenic!) road networks in Ireland of the early 1800s. See what you think!   Céad Míle Fáilte – and welcome to this week’s […]

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Irish Ancestry Trail – Australia – Introduction

Introduction – What is the Irish Ancestry Trail? Welcome! We’re delighted that you could join us as we make our way along the “Irish Ancestry Trail” in Australia – specifically the part to the south-east of the country comprising the states of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. So, what is the “Irish Ancestry Trail”? […]

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Do You Like this Irish Folklore collection?

Have you ever seen the National Irish Folklore schools collection? This is a very special resource that can be used to discover just what life was like for your Irish ancestors – the customs, work habits and more. In this letter we look at the story of just one of our readers – and show […]

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Welcome to Jack’s World – An Irish Obituary

An Irish Obituary. When writing a memorial of a loved one’s life, there can be few higher praises then “it was a life well lived”.  How is that measured? In the story of one Irishman that follows, the life lived was one that shared many common values and traits that readers may recognise in their […]

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