Podcast Archive

Welcome to the podcast archive page for "The Letter from Ireland Show". Here you'll find a list of all of our podcast episodes covering Irish Genealogy & Family History, Irish Surnames, Irish Culture & Customs, Ireland Travel and much more. Everything published on the site is listed in reverse chronological order. Enjoy.


A Tale of Two Cities – The Tenement Museums of Dublin and New York (#408)
From Queenstown to Ellis Island – A Journey in the Footsteps of Your Irish Ancestors (#407)
Irish Ancestry – Interview With an American Genealogist on Tracing Your Irish Ancestors (#406)
12 Surprises – 90,000 Irish Genealogy Questions and Answers over 5 years (#405)
Irish Genealogy – An Irish Family History Research Guide (#404)
The Irish Festival at the start of a Celtic Spring (#403)
Anglo Norman Surnames – Following the Norman Trail to Ireland (#402)
The Convict Irish in Australia – A Trip to Van Diemen’s Land (#401)


An Irish Halloween – Stories from “Samhain” (#310)
The Shopkeeper and the Irish Saint – My Grandfather’s Hidden History (#309)
From an Irish Cottage to a Castle – A Journey into one Woman’s Hidden Past (#308)
The Beatles – Meet The Liverpool Irish (#307)
An Irish American Story – From County Kerry to Illinois (#306)
Meet 5 Irish Heroes – People Making a Difference in Heritage (#305)
From the Mouths of Babes – A Wonderful Irish Ancestry Resource (#304)
Tales of West Cork – Will You Come to an Irish Hooley? (#303)
Meet The Ulster Scots – The Ulster American Folk Park (#302)
If The Walls Could Talk – A Visit to the National Famine Museum (#301)
Voices from Australia – A Trip Along the Irish Ancestral Trail (#212)
A Summer Festival – Bealtaine, the Start of an Irish Summer (#211)
Irish Revolution – Meet the Man behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution (#210)
DNA Testing – Our Experiences with Irish Ancestry DNA (#209)
One Listener’s Story – A Letter from Australia to Ireland (#208)
Meet John Grenham – A Chat on the state of Irish Ancestry Records (#207)
Meet the Irish-Canadians – Following The Irish Ancestral Trail in Canada (#206)
More Irish Stories from The Green Room (#205)
An Irish Bard – The Story of a Modern Irish Poet and Storyteller (#204)
Saint Valentine of Dublin – His Life and Final Resting Place (#203)
Obtaining Irish Citizenship – From Movie Stars to the Rest of us (#202)
From Ireland to Scotland – A Tale for Burns Night (#201)


Christmas in Ireland – Tales from an Irish Home (#119)
Religion in Ireland – Let’s Take a Different Perspective (#118)
Irish Baby Names – Do You Follow this Approved List? (#117)
2 Irish Gentlemen – Tales of Integrity and Principle (#116)
Fake News? – How The Irish Famine was Depicted Overseas (#115)
DNA and Culture – Is Irishness your Nature or Nurture? (#114)
Pride, Prejudice and Jane Eyre – An Irish Connection? (#113)
Shackleton and St. Brendan – Irish Explorers who Took on The World (#112)
Maud Gonne and Mrs. Brown – 2 Tales of Strong Irish Women (#111)
Irish Placenames – A Journey along an old Irish Road (#110)
A Trip to The Moon – In the Footsteps of 2 Irish Scientists (#109)


A Trip to Ireland – The Secret to Planning Your Trip (#108)
4 Irish Women – Tales of Adversity and Triumph (#107)
Irish Placenames – Is Your Surname Hidden in One of These Places? (#106)


2 Tales about Religion in Ireland (#105)
Pete MacCarthy – Always Visit a Pub with Your Name over the Door (#104)
Irish Whiskey – A Drop of the “Water of Life” (#103)
Irish Sayings – Is there room for the Irish language in your life? (#102)
A New Podcast – Welcome to The Letter from Ireland Show (#101)