Irish Surnames – County Cork Surnames and Places

Do you have a County Cork surname? What are the typical County Cork surnames? In fact, have you ever heard of County Cork?

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Irish Surnames – County Cork Surnames and Places

It’s the largest county in Ireland – as well as being the largest single source for all Irish emigration during the 19th century. Maybe your ancestors came from this Irish county?

Irish Surnames of County Cork - from our Readers

Irish Surnames of County Cork – from our Readers

Each Sunday we send out a Letter from Ireland from a cottage in County Cork – to over 18,000 people of Irish descent all over the world (If you’d like to recieve a FREE weekly Letter from Ireland simply click here to subscribe).When we do this, we also ask readers to give us the Irish surnames in their family tree as well as the Irish counties they believe (or know) their ancestor came from.

Heir Island Cottage

A Cottage on Heir Island, West Cork.

Seeing as we live in County Cork ourselves, we have a great opportunity to pick up at the weekends and head along the hundreds of miles of glorious coastline (including our new coastal drive, the Wild Atlantic Way) – or to one of the many inland towns, villages or mountain ranges. We are surely spoiled for choice!

Annie Moore

Annie Moore and her family, Cobh (Queenstown), County Cork.

Over the last 18 months we have taken some of the following photos on our travels – and as we go, we often link to the Irish surnames on our list. So, join us now as we travel around County Cork taking lots of pictures and sharing with you the many County Cork surnames.

County Cork Surnames.

As I was saying, when someone signs up for our weekly Letter from Ireland, we ask them for the Irish surnames in their family and the counties in Ireland their ancestor came from originally.

Irish Surname Donovan

O’Donovan’s Hotel, Clonakilty, County Cork.

As a result, we now have about 8500 entries on our list. The following names are ones we received from readers whose ancestors came from County Cork originally. As you look through the names, you will see old Irish Gaelic names, Norman names and later English and Scottish names that settled in this part of the country. You may also notice that some of these surnames are from other counties originally.

Is your County Cork surname among them?

Here we go (i’ve listed the surname alphabetically, with some nice pictorial breaks between them):

Abernathy Ahearn Aheren Ahern Allen Arundel Barker Barr Barrett Barron Barry Bartley Beatty Bergen Berry Bluitt Bolger Brady Brannelly Bransfield Brennan


The ruins of Castledonovan, near Drimoleague, County Cork.

Brickley Brislane Brogan Brooks Brophy Brown Browne Buckley Bulman Burdin Burke Byrd Byrnes

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Former home of Sir Walter Raleigh, County Cork.

Cahill Cain Callaghan Callahan Callanan Camier Cantey Carey Carmody Carrigan Carroll Carter Case Casey Cashin Cashman Cassidy Cavanaugh Clancy Clarke Cleary Cleland Clifford Clifton

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Blackrock Castle – just outside Cork City.

Coakley Coffee Coffey Colbert Coleman Collins Collumb Comerford Condon Connally Connell Connery Connolly Connor Connors Conroy Conway Coogan

Like to add your County Cork surname to our list? Just signup for your free weekly Letter from Ireland by clicking here.and we’ll let you know how to join in the fun.


The ruins of Ballincollig Castle – Home of the Barretts.

Coppinger Corbett Corcoran Cork Corkery Corridan Costigan Cotter Cottom Coughlan Coughlin County Coyle Coyne Craddock Crawford Creeden Cremin Cronin Crossen Crowe Crowley Crowly Cullen Culliton Cummings Cunningham Curran Curtin Curtis Cushin


Statue of Michael Collins in Clonakilty – his birthplace.

Dabney Daly Daugherty Davis Delaney Deneen Denevan Dennehy Dennison Desmond Deveney Dineen Dinneen Doheny Donahoe Donahue Donavan Doney Donohue Donovan


Kissing the Blarney Stone at the top of Blarney Castle.

Dorgan Doyle Drew Driscoll Drummy Duffy Dugan Duggan Dunn Dunnigan Dwyer Dykes


On the Wild Atlantic Way – at the end of the Sheep’s Head Peninsula

Early Eckley Egan Ellis Ennis Enright Fane Farmer Farrell Fegan Ferdinand Ferrigan Finn Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick Flaherty Flanagan Fleming Fletcher Foley Forrest Fox Freeman

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Himself – taking a rest at the Upton Steam Rally.

Gaffney Gallagher Galligan Galvin Galway Garde Gaughan Geany Geary Gerrity Gibbons Gibson Gill Gilleran Gilman Glatt Glavin Goggin Green Greer Griffin Grogan

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The colourful houses of Bandon, County Cork.

Haggerty Haines Haley Hallahan Haloran Haney Harley Harney Harrington Harris Hartigan Hartney Hawk Hawkes Hayes Healey Healy Heard Heffernan Hegarty Hennessey Hennessy Herlihy Hickey Hobbs Hogan Holland Holohan Horgan Hourihan Hourihane Howard Huey Hurley Irish


Gouganne Barra Oratory in the snows of winter.

Jeffers Jeffrey Jennings Joyce Joynt Kanaly Kearney Keefe Kelleher Kelley Kelly Kennedy Kenny Keohane Kieley Kiely Kiley King Kingston Kingstone Kirk

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Cork City – Across the River Lee.

Lalley Lamey Land Landers Lane Lawless Leach Leahy Lee Leyhane Long Looney Lordan Lucey Luddy Lynch Lyons

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Sulky Racing on Inchedoney Strand in West Cork.

MacAuliffe MacDonald Madden Maher Mahoney Mallon Malone Maloney Manning Mannix Marnell Martin

County Cork Surnames

The McCarthy Towerhouse of Carrigaphooca – near Macroom.

McAninley McCall McCann McCarthy McCartney McCarty McCloskey McCormick McCotter McDermott McDevitt McGarry McGill McGinn McGinnis McGlynn McGourn McGrath McGraw McIntyre McKenzie McLaughlin McMahon

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Walking among the stones – Kealkil Stone Circle, County Cork

Meehan Mehegan Mohally Molloy Moran Morey Morrissey Moynahan Mulcahy Mulchinaugh Mulchinock Mullarkey Mullen Mullins Munday Murphy Murray Nally Neely Neenan Newman Nicholson Noonan Nugent

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Youghal, County Cork.

O’Brian O’Brien O’Bryan O’Callaghan O’Colmain O’Connell O’Conner O’Connor O’Cronin O’Donnell O’Donnovan O’Donoghue O’Donovan O’Driscoll O’Flaherty O’Flynn


Barryscourt Castle – built by the main Barry family, Carrigtwohill, County Cork.

O’Halloran O’Hearn O’Herrons O’Kane O’Keefe O’Keeffe O’Lalley O’Larkin O’Leary O’Mahony O’Malley O’Neil O’Neill O’Niell O’Rourke O’Shaughnessy O’Shea O’Sullivan O’Tuama

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Three Castle Head – Stonghold of the O’Mahonys – near Mizen Head.

Parker Pension Phelan Phillips Philpott Pomeroy Power Powers Poythrus Price Purvis Quinlan Quinn Quirk Raymond Reardon Regan Riley Riordan Roach Roche Rogers Ryan Rylee


Desmond Castle – Kinsale, County Cork.

Saunders Savage Scanlan Scanlon Shea Shearin Sheehan Sheehy Shine Shinnick Simpson Sisk Slattery Smith Snee Somers Spillane Stanton Stapleton Steele Stewart Stone Sullivan Supple Sutton Sweeney Synge

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On Baltimore Pier – the Ferries to the Islands

Taylor Terry Thomas Timmons Tobin Toohy Tooker Toomey Tracey Traynor Tuckey Walsh Ward Webb Welch Wells Welsh Weston Whalen White Wholey Winters

So, that’s it for now – ALL of the County Cork surnames that we have gathered on our list. Are any of your Irish family surnames among them?

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