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Hi, we're Mike and Carina. We travel Ireland and the Irish ancestral trails of the world, connect with people of Irish descent and share the resulting stories, photos, videos and podcasts with you.

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Holland & Brown – 2 Irish Giants of Naval History (#731)

In this episode we look at the story of two men born seventy years apart on the west coast of Ireland – who went on to make a substantial mark on naval history. William Brown was born into poverty in County Mayo but went on to become the father of the Argentinian Navy while John…
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When Did Your Ancestor ARRIVE in Ireland (#730)

Did you know that Ireland was an uninhabited, ice-covered piece of ground up to about 10,000 years ago? Since then, many waves of immigrants have arrived in Ireland and made it more of a “melting Pot” than many of us might imagine. In this episode we look at the arrival in Ireland of two of…
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Old Irish Culture and Traditions (#729)

In this very special episode we take a trip around Inishmore – the largest of the Aran Islands – in the company of Cyril O’Flaherty. Cyril is a well known local historian and artist and gives a special insight into many old Irish culture and traditions as we travel around – many of which are…
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Ireland, Religion, Methodists, Quakers & Pennsylvania (#728)

What do all the words in our title have in common? Have a listen to today’s show and find out! We look at two of Ireland’s minority religions – the Methodists and the Quakers. We tell stories, share music and make a surprising connection from a village in county Cork to the first Quaker colonies…
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Carina and a character in the folk park

Ulster Scots and the Orange Order (#727)

The 12th of July is a holiday across the 6 counties of Northern Ireland. It is the day that many celebrate by participating in marching bands, having barbecues and enjoying the holiday with their families in different ways. In this episode we look at the arrival of the Scots in the counties of Ulster –…
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