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Hi, we're Mike and Carina. We travel Ireland and the Irish ancestral trails of the world, connect with people of Irish descent and share the resulting stories, photos, videos and podcasts with you.

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Recent Articles

Do You See Yourself As Irish?

When I am travelling in Ireland and someone asks me – “Where are you from?” – the answer is usually expected to be the county where you live. It’s only when I travel abroad that I start to think of myself as an “Irish man” as opposed to a “Cork man”. Do you have a similar experience?

Are Your Irish Surnames On This Saintly List?

Have you ever had something in your possession that you are minding for future generations? Perhaps a ring, a piece of jewellery a book or a piece of furniture? Here, in Ireland, we often tend to pass down baby christening robes through several generations. Our grandson was recently christened in a robe that was also used by his father and his grandmother – both standing proudly beside him!

Stone circe with blue sky and green grass

How The Celts Celebrated The Start Of Summer

The month of May, or as we call it in Irish “Bealtaine” (pronounced “ba-yowl tanna”) heralds the start of our Irish Summer.

Here is How the Celts Celebrated the Coming of Summer (#817)

In the month of May, we celebrate the coming of summer here in Ireland. The month of May is called “Bealtaine” in the Irish language, which is also the Irish name for the celtic festival that marks the turning of spring to summer in early May. In this episode we celebrate Bealtaine by sharing some…

Did Your Family Run an Irish Castle? (#814)

In this episode we chat about the running of a very specific castle in County Galway during the time of the Irish Chieftains. We look at the various families who had a part to play in keeping this castle and it’s lands working and productive. We also look at a particular group of Irish families…