Irish Genealogy & Family History

Are you interested in discovering more on your Irish family history? In this section, I have included articles (and podcasts) that include stories, explanations and approaches to help with investigating your own Irish family history. You might even receive a little inspiration to break down one or two family history brick walls!

Most Popular Articles on Irish Genealogy & Family History

Irish Genealogy & Family History Articles by Year


Did Many of Your Ancestors STAY in Ireland?


The Irish Ancestry Trail
Irish Placenames – An Overview
Using the Irish Tithe Applotment Books
Stuck In Your Irish Ancestry Research? Here’s What to Do Next.


Irish American Genealogy – Tips from a US Genealogist
Patrick Cleburne – From Cork to The Battle of Franklin
Is It Time To Start Your Irish Fan Club?
Do You Have Irish Famine Orphans in Your Family Tree?
Irish Church Records: Are You Looking In The Correct Place?


An Irishman and the 99th Regiment of Foot.
Looking for County Donegal Ancestry
Using a Simple Irish Ancestry Timeline
Start Your Irish Ancestry Search in the right place.
The Streets of a Small Town in County Tipperary.
Where to Start Searching for Your Irish Ancestor.
Do you Know your Irish Ancestral Origins?
Tracing My Irish Ancestors from Tipperary.
Irish Civil Records – and the Origins of One Irish Grandmother


Find the places of your Irish Ancestors – An Irish Historical Map.
Is That Jerry with a J? Is This Biblical Name Irish?
Do You have an Irish Family History Puzzle Like This One?
Five Surprising Ways to Search the 1901 Irish Census Records
Have an Ancestry Brickwall? Here’s a new way to look at it.
Get the most from Irish Ancestry Records
Our Top 5 Letters from Ireland Over 5 Years
Irish Ancestry Trail – Australia – Introduction
Do You Like this Irish Folklore collection?
Welcome to Jack’s World – An Irish Obituary
Irish Ancestry Trail – Canada – Nova Scotia
From the High King of Ireland to South Australia
From County Mayo to a Wagon Train out West
An Irish Rebellion in Australia
Irish Ancestry Trail – Canada – Newfoundland
Irish Ancestry Trail – Canada – Introduction
Four Irish-Canadian Stories
From the Banks of the Rhine to the Banks of the Shannon
One Last Trip Back to Ireland
One Million Letters – Here are 10 of Them
Is There Such a thing as Irish DNA?
Saint Brigid and The Story of a Remembered Soldier
The Origins of Two Irish Counties.
Would You Like to Hear the Tale of an Irish Knight?
The Story of Two Irish Immigrants.


Irish Naming Patterns
From Fairy-Gaul to the Irish in Montreal
Partridge Island, Saint John
Grosse Ile – The Original Isle of Tears
The Night of the Big Wind
An Irish Boat to New Brunswick.