Irish Culture & Customs

In this section I share articles on Irish music, dancing, poetry, writing, story-telling and history. Many of the topics that we consider to be quite unique in our shared Irish heritage. I do hope you enjoy!

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From The Vikings to The Normans (#737)
The Mother & Baby Homes of Ireland (#736)
The Pogues & More – A Different Sort of Irish Music (#735)
Danny Boy and the Music and Songs of Ulster (#734)
Reporting The Great Irish Famine (#733)
Holland & Brown – 2 Irish Giants of Naval History (#731)
When Did Your Ancestor ARRIVE in Ireland (#730)
Old Irish Culture and Traditions (#729)
Ireland, Religion, Methodists, Quakers & Pennsylvania (#728)
Ulster Scots and the Orange Order (#727)
Irish Proverbs and Irish Accents (#726)
Enjoy the High Spirits of the Irish (#725)
The Evolution of Irish Music in 12 Tracks (#724)
Inside the Hedge Schools of Ireland (#722)
Will You Travel With This Irish Saint? (#716)
An Irish Rebel Easter (#715)
A Journey Along The St. Lawrence River (#714)
It’s Time for an Irish Census (#713)
An Irish Musical Education (#712)
Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! (#711)
Would You Live on an Irish Island? (#710)
James Bond Meets Sherlock Holmes – An Irish Story (#709)
Murder in The West of Ireland – (#708)
Elvis and The Fighting Irish – (#707)
A Valentine Card From Ireland – (#706)
The Death of An Irish Chieftain – (#705)
A Celtic Spring – (#704)
Ireland, Scotland & Robbie Burns – (#703)
Two Giants of Irish Literature – (#702)
All God’s Creatures Have a Place in the Choir – (#701)


Celebrating Samhain – What This Time Of Year Means to Me.
The Irish President and The Irish Poet.
An Irish Bog Story for You.
Remembering St. Brigid of Ireland.


Our Irish Christmas Traditions – What are Yours?
The Holy Wells of Ireland – Saints, Cures and Tradition (#501)
Thomas Francis Meagher Escapes from Tasmania.
A Tale of Two Cities – The Tenement Museums of Dublin and New York (#408)
The Skellig Islands, Star Wars and an Irish Lent.
Have You Heard of The Irish Patriot called Michael Collins?
The Irish Festival at the start of a Celtic Spring (#403)
A Celtic Festival to Celebrate
The Man Behind the Atlas of the Irish Revolution.
When Laurel & Hardy came to Ireland.


Is This The Best Irish Memorial Ever?
Where Did The Irish Come From? The Origins of the Irish.
An Irish Halloween – Stories from “Samhain” (#310)
The Beatles – Meet The Liverpool Irish (#307)
Do You Know this Irish American Hero?
Meet 5 Irish Heroes – People Making a Difference in Heritage (#305)