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In this section I share articles on Irish music, dancing, poetry, writing, story-telling and history. Many of the topics that we consider to be quite unique in our shared Irish heritage.


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Irish Culture & Customs Letters

Letter From ireland

10th Anniversary of the Letter from Ireland

We’re having a birthday celebration here in Cork, and not just any birthday – it’s the 10th anniversary of this Letter from Ireland!

I’m sipping on my regular cup of Barry’s Tea, do join me with a cup of whatever you fancy yourself, as I share the story of how this little Letter from Ireland came to be.

Irish Temperance Movement

Alcohol, An Exploding Population and the Irish Temperance Movement

Did the Irish Temperance Movement impact your ancestors? Join us as we unveil the influential story of Fr. Mathew and his monumental efforts to combat Ireland’s alcohol crisis in the 1800s. Was your family among the many who took the pledge?

Irish Steeplechase

The Irish Origins of The Steeplechase

Curious about the Irish roots of the world-renowned steeplechase? Journey with us from North County Cork to Liverpool, as we unravel a tale woven with gentlemen’s wagers, iconic surnames, and a race that changed horse-racing forever. Dive in and discover the legacy behind the gallop.

The Irish Origins of “British Racing Green”

Journey with us as we uncover the surprising Irish roots of the iconic “British Racing Green.” From the bustling roads of early 20th-century France to the picturesque lanes of Counties Kildare and Carlow, discover how a shade of green, closely tied to the isles, became an emblematic hue for British automotive giants. Is it time to rechristen it “Irish Racing Green”?

The Irish Roots of a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Did you know that Mr. Yankee Doodle Dandy himself – George M. Cohan – has deep Irish roots? Read on to find out more about his Irish family origins and more.

Irish Culture & Customs Podcasts

The 8 Most Beautiful Female Irish Singing Voices (#832)

Step into the melodious world of Ireland as we spotlight the eight most beautiful Irish female singing voices. Are your favourites on the list or will you discover a fresh, enchanting talent? Whether you’re seeking nostalgic tunes or hoping to stumble upon a new songstress, this episode promises a delightful serenade from Ireland.

The Celtic Druids and The Irish (#820)

In this episode we look at how the Celtic Druids of Ireland in pre-christian times evolved into the monks, priests, brehon judges, bards and poets of christian times – and also chat about some of the Irish family surnames associated with those “druidic” professions and vocations.

About us

Let’s Chat With a Native Irish Gaelic Speaker (#816)

In this episode we chat with a native Irish Gaelic Speaker – Eoin O’Connor from Ennis in County Clare. Eoin started a company called Bitesize Irish about 12 years ago and in this episode he shares more on his early childhood years in an Irish-speaking household, why he started a company to help people around the world learn and enjoy the Irish Gaelic language. We also chat about the importance of the Irish language and how it is used today.

Here is How the Celts Celebrated the Coming of Summer (#817)

In the month of May, we celebrate the coming of summer here in Ireland. The month of May is called “Bealtaine” in the Irish language, which is also the Irish name for the celtic festival that marks the turning of spring to summer in early May. In this episode we celebrate Bealtaine by sharing some…

Did Your Family Run an Irish Castle? (#814)

In this episode we chat about the running of a very specific castle in County Galway during the time of the Irish Chieftains. We look at the various families who had a part to play in keeping this castle and it’s lands working and productive. We also look at a particular group of Irish families…