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Pride, Prejudice & The Irish Origins of a Great Literary Family (#718)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland podcast we take a literary turn! First off we have a look at that literary masterpiece of Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice – having fun with some of the Irish versions of the character’s surnames. Then, we trace our way from County Down to Yorkshire in…

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A Journey Along The St. Lawrence River (#714)

In today’s episode of the Letter from Ireland podcast, we take a trip up along the St. Lawrence River in Canada with two stories linked to that part of the world. First, we stop off at Grosse Île just outside Quebec City and then we hear the story of two musical sisters and their Irish-descended…

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Ireland, Scotland & Robbie Burns – (#703)

In this episode of the Letter from Ireland Podcast we look at the overlap culturally between Ireland and Scotland. This is especially relevant as we approach the annual Robbie Burns night – what has effectively turned into Scotland’s national day. Join us for plenty of chat, music, entertainment and a bit of education along the…

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A Creative Mind Born of a Pandemic – (#603)

We are (hopefully) at the closing stages of a pandemic as I write. However, our ancestors had to endure many pandemics and famines through the centuries – and all without the same access to medicines we enjoy today. Today’s show is all about one famous Irish author whose mother had to endure a pandemic in her native Sligo town before heading off for a new life in Dublin.

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Irish magazine cover for A Letter From Ireland

Letter from Ireland Magazine January/February 2020

Welcome to the Letter from Ireland Magazine for March/April, 2019. In this issue you will find features on: Saint Patrick and following in his footsteps, County Mayo – a Homelands feature, using Irish Records for your Irish ancestry research and much more.

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